Ancient Mysteries: Samurai Warriors of Feudal Japan (S4, E19) | Full Episode | History



A look at the world of old Japan and the fighting code of the ruthless Samurai warrior. Discover how their code of honor was born, and the harsh sacrifices they …

31 thoughts on “Ancient Mysteries: Samurai Warriors of Feudal Japan (S4, E19) | Full Episode | History

  1. Jeremiah Agnew says:

    Hey history channel. Samurai and Ninja were actually of the same class. The 3 main ninja manuals that came down through history are from samurai families. Fujibayashi Yasutake wrote the Bansenshukai, he was from a samurai family. The Shinobi hiden was the Hattori family i.e. Hattori Hanzo. And the Shoninki was written by Natori Sanjuro Masazumi, a retainer of Tokugawa Yorinobu in Kishu. There are countless other facts to include, especially how the two most famous regions to produce ninjutsu Iga and Koka are actually Samurai families. This means the Samurai of Iga and Koka used ninjutsu. There are definitely brilliant minds on the historical ninjutsu subject to look up. The best quote to go by is "all ninja were samurai but not all samurai were ninja".

  2. JahRandom says:

    Dear History: please, please, PLEASSEEEE!!! continue uploading these older programs that hark back to when your channel was actually full of shows about history, and therefore, when your channel was actually good. There are so many options: this series, Lost Worlds, Engineering An Empire, Dangerous (Suicide?) Missions, and so, so, SO many others.

    Not much would make me happier than if you did continue to upload programs such as those. The only thing better would be if you reverted your actual channel back to reruns of those shows and shows like them; and also, even better yet, created new programming in the vein…

    Sincerely, a fanatical lover of history <3

  3. JahRandom says:

    I'm sure I could quickly and easily find this out with a quick bit of googling but: anyone know where and when Japan initially got horses from? They're obviously not native to the Japanese islands…right…?

  4. Nancy Smith says:

    Arigato, thank yous for sharing
    Missed the part about nuns and kids being fed and samurai….
    Maze: help with nature of men and women and there bonding abilities
    Mead not books and products used for note taking…
    Thank you

  5. Oba Femi says:

    Looking at the comments people here because of a videogame, or because they dont like the new history channel, IM HERE BECAUSE i love History world wide, AND I FOR SURE LOVE Japanese History and the Samurai Warrior code and they were awesome and cool.

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