Ancient Egyptian Fighting

Ancient Egyptians performed stick fencing or stick fighting as a form of entertainment. This type of fencing was probably based on actual fighting systems used in …

12 thoughts on “Ancient Egyptian Fighting

  1. Mimi Anwar says:

    We have all colours human being in Egypt and it all depends on which part of Egypt you are coming from and it happens that Egyptian can recognize the beauty of all. And this is a fact besides It is known its a meeting put. There is no differents between black or white….

  2. Hamitic Renaissance says:

    @7amodi010 oh and the fact that the bible itself states that egypt or its real name KEMET were sons of Ham father of the black race and father of NImrod(son of cush) founder of mesopotamia i dont see how you can argue. Africa is diverse in all its ways such is the land of Alkebulan graden of eden. EAT IT BITCH!

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