An Intruders WORST NIGHTMARE! The Tomahawk FIGHTER!!!

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21 thoughts on “An Intruders WORST NIGHTMARE! The Tomahawk FIGHTER!!!

  1. The Naked Argonian says:

    Tomahawks, war axes, etc. are my favorite type of one-handed close quarters weapon. Karambits and bowies are my favorite knives, the two-hander prize goes to greatswords, .45 ACP semi-autos get the short range vote, and select-fire battle-rifles grab the crown for long range.

  2. MechanicalMartialArtist says:

    Where did you learn the tomahawk skills? Very nice. I am currently training with a gun-stock warclub but there isn't allot out there as to how to actually use it except for the movie "The Last Of the Mahicans".?  I also love the tomahawk…..simple yet very brutal.

  3. 2cool0 says:

    dude this guy is scaring the shit out of me with how close and fast he gets to hitting the guy with the tomahawk hahaha like he comes sooooo close to slicing his neck every time! crazy though

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