An introduction to maces and war hammers

Since blunt impact weapons are usually not covered as much as swords I figured it would be good to make kind of a maces / war hammers 101 video. The topics are 1.) practical aspects (mainly…

38 thoughts on “An introduction to maces and war hammers

  1. Ethan Metcalf says:

    If you can simply use any longsword or arming sword to murder stroke, why even have a mace? As far as I know they are both very effective. Mace would probably be more comfortable though.

  2. James Heilman says:

    The long history of metallurgy never ceases to amaze me. For the egyptions to use a method of welding? Thats mind blowing to me, though i shouldnt be too supprised since they also fabricated glass.

  3. JT Yearsley says:

    Me through 99% of the video: "This is very fascinating, I am learning much about the history of these weapons"
    Last 1%: "Medieval killer bunnys…..bad ass…"

  4. Scott Pitcher says:

    One question I always had was why swords like Braveheart William Wallace’s claymore or Skyrim’s steel greats words had a leather wrap around the blade near the handle. If you could help clear that up in a video that would be awesome.

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