America's Greatest Knife !? Ka-Bar USMC



Today we test what is perhaps one of America’s most famous knives. The Ka-bar USMC! Designed in 1942 and still used in 2018 this knife can be called a …

35 thoughts on “America's Greatest Knife !? Ka-Bar USMC

  1. shortylickens69 says:

    PSA that shape was originally designed to replace the trench knife as a fighting knife, not a camping knife. Soldiers were forced to use it for general purpose work because they had nothing else.
    Do you know what actual survivalists use in the field?
    The morakniv which can be found for 9 dollars on most stores.

  2. Kong and Basses says:

    One of my verry first knifes was a Kabar USMC knife. I was realy good at throwing knifes, so I tried the Kabar.
    It was balanced quite good, and it stuck at first try.
    But the fucking rat tang bent. After fixing the tang some times, it broke.
    I like the shape of the blade and the overall looks of the knife. But it should be more stable.
    Who the fuck wants to go into battle or campain with a knife with this problems.
    When I served i what back in this days was German Air Cavalry (Heeresflieger) the pilots carried a Puma "Automesser" as their survival blade. Now, this is a knife!
    I did get one, because I was the ordonance sergeant of the Chief Sergeant Major of our unit, and I managed to keep it when I finished service.
    This blade is a piece of personal history, and I'll never give it away.
    I hope that my son, the one that will get it some day, likes it as much as I do.

  3. Paige 1996 says:

    How did I just find you?! I’ve been collecting knives since I was a little girl! I’m almost 24 now and my grandpa and dad both have huge knife collections as well which is what started mine. My current favorite is just my basic folding buck knife. It’s strong and has stayed sharp through absolutely anything I use it for. It’ll pretty much still shave ya and it’s, oh geesh, probably at least 10 years old. I got it one year for Christmas.

  4. obxnice says:

    Got my fathers kbar he had on his side when he was in Vietnam going up and down the rivers in the Brown Water Navy. Only 2 things I asked for before he passed. His kbar and the American flag that saved his life that has bullet holes, shrapnel holes and his blood on the silk Flag he, and now I own. That flag was hanging on his boat when they got hit with a mortar, killed everyone but him on his boat, thankfully he was changing the barrel of his gun, when the mortar blew him off the boat into the flag and as his body and flag hit the rivers water the flag had wrapped itself around his body and created a make shift life preserver and kept him afloat and alive. The next boat picked him up little later with the flag and my father said last thing he remember was waking up in the hospital they had there and the flag was given to him with the story about it saving his life and he needed to keep that flag.. that flag is only reason my father, my brother, me and all our children are alive today. So it means a lot to us. Since I was the only one as of now who went thru the military I got his Flag and his K bar. My father lived with shrapnel lodged in his spine for rest of his life from that explosion, yet he was put bk into Vietnam just a few months after that incident.

  5. SamSalsa411 says:

    At 10:00 you note the handle can be slippery, for those wondering they do have other versions with rubber handles that (to my knowledge) aren’t as slippery. I’d get leather just for the iconic look, much like I still get Wood furniture on firearms primarily for looks. Obviously rubbers/polymers are better for survival/combat tasks but if you’re like me and want a bit of a showpiece, the leather is beautiful

  6. David Hansen says:

    I really like your videos. I like that you guys didn't break it, like in some of your other knife test videos. Rumor has it when the US military adopted it they hammered it through a car fender. Either way this knife has saved alot of lives over the years. Most of the guys in the US military that I know say their not even issued a tactical knife other then their bayonet. Most carry a multi tool of some type. Some buy the Gerber strong arm and I've heard some EOD guys buy the benchmade Bushcrafter. Either way great video on a great historical knife.

  7. ApocGuy says:

    Greatest maybe, but most practical? not even close. still love 'em 😀 . i'd take my bk2/7 for hard core survival situation, but if needed last line of defense? that USMC would be invaluable tool. so, i'd say takem em both. and then more 😀 .

  8. Marvin M says:

    I have a ka bar. I'll admit, I know nothing about bushwacking but I am an avid hiker and camper. I hit the Shenandoah with my husky all the time. Best camping knife I've ever used.

  9. Phillip Nunya says:

    The Cold Steel Leatherneck is the version of this design to get if you want a knife that has some of the combat design points but is more capable of hard utility use. It probably isn't as good for fighting with though since it is heavier.

  10. Gunner Tx95 says:

    Legit just saw a Russian guy do a torture test with a Ka Bar. Dude banged the thing on a metal pipe, and did a tip test. Shit totally ripped the plank apart. Had a plastic handle instead of a leather one. These guys just felt like shitting on a good knife

    Edit: I was wrong. This knife is shit.

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