American Krav Maga | Brutally Intense Training

Krav Maga is undergoing a revolution in the south. Krav Maga, an Israeli martial art is being transformed to adapt to the realities of modern American life.

36 thoughts on “American Krav Maga | Brutally Intense Training

  1. Gezere9 says:

    I liked this vid. This reminds me our our "Fun Day" training. On Fun Day anything can happen. You're sparring with your mate then a shock knife is introduced or a random attacker, or a free for all, etc. Sometimes it is scenario based where you most get from A to B and have no idea what what's in between.

  2. Sociopath says:

    What I like about Krav is the intensity of the sparring scenarios, but from what Ive seen there is a suprising lack of good technique. Krav needs more BJJ black belts and Muay thai experts to get to the next level.

  3. Max Mustermann says:

    Please do more videos! There are only so little good films about fighting sports on YouTube and your videos are always soo good. I think your videos are the best fighting sports videos on YouTube, plus they are highly addictive plus and so motivating! It would be so awesome if you do more videos!

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