45 thoughts on “Ameri-Do-Te Knife Defense #1

  1. dexter432432 says:

    Who are you? A friend of howyah D or perhaps the same person? Now you are being an internet tough guy, trying to threaten me by saying I should be careful slagging off strangers! What does 'bender' even mean? Nice try trying to get nobody to reply, most pathetic attempt ever!

  2. dexter432432 says:

    Guess what? Being gay is not an insult, nor is calling someone gay. I did NOT take two weeks to reply to you, I saw this video 2 days ago and saw your moronic comment. Yes, your stupid ninja videos are 90% of your videos, and your punching video is horrible. I'm not an internet tough guy, and if you think I'm a pussy for replying than you are a retard.

  3. Ivan Ponchero says:

    dexter432432 you are a complete twat. howyah has done something really funny here. And one of his videos is like the world's best punching I've EVER seen. Much better than you and this false master "comedian". You ought to be careful slagging off strangers. But then again, that's all people like You do i suppose. If anyone replies to my comment they are either a bender like dexter432432 or they really really smell (like this video).

  4. Daniel Skipp says:

    "The UK courts deem [ ] that you actually need to state you are trained in a martial art to the attacker."

    I would not be surprised but it seems quite unfair so I am sceptical.
    Would you back that up with a reference to actual cases?

  5. Vam The Anomaly says:

    He's saying "Osu" ( Oh sss ) which is like some informal or formal respect thing in many karate styles. Its the equivalent of saying "right on" also. It doesnt really MEAN anything important. It can also be the same as giving your friend a high five etc.

  6. Savaresh says:

    The UK courts deem that you may only use reasonable force to deal with a situation and that you actually need to state you are trained in a martial art to the attacker.( just thinking of that situation makes me chuckle )

    You can easily be sued by an attacker if you break an arm, cause internal injuries or brain damage.

    So a way around it is to say that they cut themselves or counter balance the risk to meet the actions you used.

    but the comment was just went as a joke.

  7. evergray says:

    Carving your name in him is of course out, things like that, but it's all about using an appropriate level of force to defend yourself, and legally it can get pretty sticky. They also factor in things like relative age, body type, gender, health level, and sometimes, yes, training.
    If it's clear the other person had stopped fighting and you were FORCING them to hold onto the knife, and you were assaulting them for a drawn out period of time with the knife, then I don't think that'd really fly.

  8. evergray says:

    Well, it's SORTA true, to a point, haha. If you take the weapon away, and attack them with it, then it's assault with a deadly weapon. If the weapon is still in their hand, and you are unarmed, then legally, you have the right to much more extreme self defense, because he is assaulting you with a deadly weapon. If he goes down and lets go of the weapon, and he isn't fighting back, then you attacking him is assault. If he still has the weapon when he goes down, ehhh more leverage.

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