8 thoughts on “Ambidextrous Knife Throwing

  1. betif00 says:

    Oaks huh? Maybe a fellow knife thrower is living next street and I don't even know it! Anyway, ambidextrous knife throwing is something I've been looking into recently, interesting video.

  2. TheCombat KnifeThrower says:

    @freakman420 I understand that there are ussually two sets of throwers: those who throw for recreation and showmanship and there are those that throw for combat whether it be via Thorn, Fedin, or Shuriken style. I practice both. I am unbiased willing to accept what is useful and disgard what isn't. Useful may consist of being a tactical skill or an entertaining one. You decide. If you want specific details on what I see as tactical or not let me know.

  3. FreakMan420 says:

    @knifethrower72194 So you don't throw for combat practice purposes? There's only two types of knife throwers, circus throwing, and combat shuriken no spin SERIOUS throwing. Many people who know how to throw tactically can easily kill some one with a gun. Plus it's easier to carry around every where. You ever take your guns into a bar or restaurant? What's that about practicality again? You contradict yourself as you're obviously training for practical use in combat scenario. Unless its for show?

  4. FreakMan420 says:

    @knifethrower72194 Whoa take a chill pill, can't believed I coaxed a paragraph out of you with two sentences. I'm just stating my personal observations from my own experience, I didn't tell you to change. And I certainly didn't diss on you like you did on me, pretty childish.

  5. TheCombat KnifeThrower says:

    @MrM00Mz Thanks for the positive feedback. As far as the monster targets…ha-ha…If I want to have them at chest level I would probably have more luck digging a trench out from the base of the target than getting one of those oak stumps off the ground. I had a misserable time enough getting the stupid thing into the back yard (they feel like 300 or so pounds.

  6. TheCombat KnifeThrower says:

    @freakman420 Who said anything about practical combat knife throwing? The purpose of the vid was to show how to throw knives with the non-dominant arm not "practical combat knife throwing". There would be nothing "practical" about throwing a knife in a combat scenario. Practical combat-related self-defense should involve a firearm. DO NOT make invalid assumtions based on your infinetly shallow knowledge of knife throwing.

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