AMAZING Eskrima Stick Fighting Drill

Kali ESKRIMA Stick Drill – Filipino Martial Arts that will accelerate your skills! Want more Kali training at your fingertips? Join Kali Center Online School today at …

46 thoughts on “AMAZING Eskrima Stick Fighting Drill

  1. FestIVol says:

    I'm known to grapple and kickbox grating my teeth on iffy technologies take jobs but there is no opening even close to badness of losing to a homeboy or bad girl…. etc

  2. Kenjhee says:

    I come from a shotokan and traditional Chinese kung fu backround (being half Japanese, half Chinese), but am thinking of adding kali to the mix. Why? It's hard to ignore the effectiveness and sophistication of Philipine martial arts, not over the others but in addition.

    Add to that I would really like to have some stick and knife skills, and again, in my most humble opinion the Philipine might be just about the best at it, certainly near the top. Their expertise at short-to-medium ranges with these weapons (and even just hands).

  3. cyborgplatypus42 says:

    I had TONS of reasons at first – love of martial arts, desire to be fit, Kali plays better with my short stature than arts with high flying kicks, and my appreciation for an art designed to take an opponent down hard and fast, no frills. But at the end of the day — it just looks so badass! 😉

  4. LordCrazyMike says:

    training to be better than who I was the day before, to keep my mind focused in making positive changes, and to reclaim my status "madman with a knack for disarming everyone". inspired by my grandfather and my freakishly fast fencing friend (one day I will be faster lol). Kali and the Escrima just work for me, and it all feels just right

  5. daniel aams says:

    I was inspired to train Kali from years of being unimpressed by Karate, and even Kobudo was a bit to soft for me haha, I like the energy it requires and the dexterity that is needed, also combined with Bjj and Silat you aren't going to face many problems on the street after 3+ years of consistent training and meditation.

  6. Kim Forsberg says:

    Why martial art, there is no epic answer for it, that is something i can do every waken second. Why Kali, it works with how i look at a problem and solve it. adaptive and fluid. you can transform the art to almost everything you need it to be only the imagination is the limit. It is not just sticks, hands or nice moves (not that heaven six doesn't look cool doing it nicely)

  7. P.J. Pless says:

    My inspirations for learning different Martial Arts are self-defense and peace of mind. I love how it helps me maintain a heightened awareness of my surroundings and that its practice causes my reaction time to certain events to increase. Studying it has also allowed me to have a calm nature in most cases and helps me assess situations and find solutions with tranquility.

  8. Sacha Bingham says:

    What inspires me to train? My old instructor Pete Coles who is a beast and the knowledge that this world is dangerous and you can never be too prepared because you just don't know what you may face

  9. RugbyGoth says:

    Why martial arts and why Kali…? After the loss of my little brother in a motorcycle accident I had a hole to fulfill in my soul. A friend of mine introduced me to Kali and Silat. It helped me a lot on focusing on life and on what I had. "Flow with the Flow" is not only for sticks waving around, it's more than that, it's a life style, it's a way to handle life. You can't predict what will happen so you need to be prepared to handle things, to do your side step, to strike when you have to, to withdraw then come back… This philosophy is continuously helping me to keep going and to be a better me, not only for me but also for my family.

  10. mh1124800 says:

    When I was 15, I wanted to learn martial arts by watching my uncle study judo. I made it to brown belt in tae kwon do and saw an exhibition where a Korean green belt kick the crap out of an American black belt. I then decided to study wing chun, kenpo, and recently began learning from you with kali stick fighting. Now, I consider myself a blend of different arts and allowed it to flow in my life.

  11. Lance Reyes says:

    Hey paul i'm a real big fan of this channel but i'm curious i'm frim the philippines and i practiced escrima for 6 years in cebu and half of drills you show in your vids i have never seen i think but my question is where did you study or practice these drills?

  12. gina layog says:

    growing up in the Philippines, I saw my male relatives doing these same exercises, I loved watching these exercises, the flow, the fun etc. Tried a few, but, just for fun. Now, I'm here in the U.S, watching you guys just brings comfort, it's feels like home. Looks like you're enjoy doing these same exercises.

  13. John Schmalbach says:

    Speaking to my Guro got me in the door. He used it operationally in LE and I am on that same career path. The flow of it just felt right and I fell in lust. Then it worked picture perfect at work one day and lust turned to love.

  14. Asher Boyer says:

    The thing that inspired me to train Kali, was when I was watching a tv show called Arrow, i saw that they were sparing using these sticks. I later found out that they were training escrima. Then one thing led to another and I found the Kalicenter channel on YouTube. That is about where my interest in Kali really started.

  15. ANAK NG BAYAN says:

    i was inspired to train kali because its filipino martial arts,it was used by our first filipino hero to kill soanish invaders(ferdinant magelland),and because the philippine military uses it and beacause its cool and my teachers are kali and a marine in the philippine marine corps

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