Amazing! Aikido Tanto Dori (short sword) – Shirakawa Ryuji shihan



白川竜次 #ryujishirakawa #合気道 #aikido Ryuji Shirakawa Beautiful and Amazing Aikido Volume 1 English and French subtitles for this video have been …

33 thoughts on “Amazing! Aikido Tanto Dori (short sword) – Shirakawa Ryuji shihan

  1. I I says:

    Mucha fantasía, nada que sirva en un ataque real. En el vídeo muestra que con un simple roce de la piel en el antebrazo o codo el atacante va a detener su trayectoria e incluso cuando viene con un tecleo va a detenerse y erguirse para ser reducido.
    Se supone que me deba creer también que para defenderse tengas que moverte y hacer una cantidad innumerable de pasos y tecnicas con las manos en lo que dura un movimiento de corte con cuchillo que ha de ser unas fracciones de segundos. JAJAJA

  2. The Engineer says:

    It's an art people like Ballet; it is not fighting! There is no resistance; I know…I took Aikido and was that willing practitioner. BJJ is a fighting art; trust that and you will live long with one hell of a reputation.

  3. dylan siccardi says:

    it's beautiful but why Uke doesn't resist if Uke just accept the technique of Tori there's no point in training it work in a demonstration but if the goal is to be effective Uke need to resist and eventually fight back

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