Am I Biased Against Italian Swordsmanship?



I hope not… 🙂 This video was inspired by two comments on the previous video, where I used an apparently flawed interpretation of a technique from Fiore de’i …

29 thoughts on “Am I Biased Against Italian Swordsmanship?

  1. Kluelesscat says:

    Availability bias isn’t a thing. Accessibility to materials/training, whatnot, in ones own language isn’t a bias. It’s an availability and convenience thing. There’s nothing wrong with branching out too. Respect to you, Skallagrim. You’ve got ours.

  2. Psiberzerker says:

    Something to keep in mind about Renaissance Italy is it wasn't Italy, as we understand it today. Venice wasn't Italy, it was Republic of Venice (For a thousand years) and basically smuggling goods to the Ottomans, in defiance of the cold/trade war between them, and Italy. So, when we're talking about "Italian swordsmanship," you have to understand that Fiore is based a lot on Dardi, and has nothing at all to do with the Medicci of Tuscany, who were rivals/frenemies with their (Bolognaise) faction of what we call "Italy" today. It's complicated, more like the relationship between England proper, the Welsh, Scots, Irish, and Northern Irish/British. Does that make sense? Okay, you might remember The Troubles. At the time, the Italian Peninsula, and Dalmatia were full of "Troubles." Which is why Florentine is different from Fiore, et al. They weren't just rival schools, Florence was practically at (Trade) war with Venice, Milan, and Bologne.

  3. Florian Hes says:

    It's one of the big problems in society, in my opinion, that shaming others for their interests is considered relatively normal. This video, and the internet in general is booming with examples. Why do we need to put so much energy into destroying something that another person likes for the sole sake of destroying it? I never understood that mindset.

  4. Fragtagninja says:

    The only thing Skall has ever been biased against is the katana. Ya know because indifference equates to HATRED!!!!!!!! (Death metal breakdown) followed by maniacal laughing.

  5. Jakub Piteľ says:

    can you change schools in the middle of HEMA duel? For example you are starting the duel with German school then you switch to Italian. Is it possible or against some rules? 🙂

  6. Yastreb says:

    Wait, was the previous video changed or something? I'm pretty sure it does not mention wrapping your arm around the blade or anything like that. It is a really short video.

  7. Noah James says:

    It’s ok Skall, we all know that people just through “racist” around to anyone they disagree with. I mean, never thought swordplay would be one of those times, but it is 2020

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