All Strike Non Telegraphic Drill

AllStrike from Quest ▻ This is the non telegraphic drill. With a self defense partner, you can practice and eventually improve your striking …

19 thoughts on “All Strike Non Telegraphic Drill

  1. OverlyCaffeinated Squirrel says:

    Yea you spending most the time showing you can strike this. Give very little to reaching the how. Same angle, no break downs, and making sure they don't sacrifice power with this. Not everyone is Taskmaster copying everything he sees

  2. peter stewart says:

    Nice very simple but very affectice .repitition ,you can say what you want about wing chung but what works works any self defence teacher would endorse this knowledge street safety is exactly that staying safe if it works use it,be it wing chung,karate,boxing remember the 3 F,s be First, beFast,beFurious!!!.Stay safe.


    Sir, I would really like to b your student…….I'm not a fighter of any sort just a teenage boy… I dunno any of da fighting stuff…..but m such a huge fan of yours……really liked all your videos which I've seen till now……plzz keep teaching us & thnx for all your tips and moves u've told us till now…….waiting 4 ur next video

  4. Psychokore Underground Rap says:

    Good stuff Nick.. i have a BOB XL @ home myself and since the past few months im practicing on my palm strike and flat hands.. i do notice that they deal alot of force.. maybe even more than with a fist.. i would like to see a video of you where you explain those 3 type of attacks and which one is in your opinion the best ( fist / palm strike / flat hand to the ear/cheek )

    Stay safe

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