12 thoughts on “All Steel Balisong Training Knife (£4.84) Lightake.com

  1. Neanderthal Outdoors says:

    In all honesty Mike I can't see the point in this trainer thing mate, might look cool to some on the films but that's about it, no point in spinning a knife around ones hand trying to impress and look cool, that's all Hollywood shite, the real deal is a handy thing to have for some but useless against a pick axe handle or sawn off pump shotgun or a Molotov, and too weak for survival or bushcraft, cheers for showing us though mate, atb, Paul.

  2. Weaponsandstuff93 says:

    Looks good Mike, thanks for the video, I have one of those aluminium ones that's ok but I know what you mean when you say they're a bit flimsy/rattly.
    Shame we can't legally own the real deal, no more dangerous than any other knife but OOOH IT'S SCARY!

  3. smugBBQ says:

    I love these,I got one similar from eBay and try and practice tricks with it,I'm totally crap with it but it's a really fun thing to own as we can't own real ones here in the uk,but as I said it's really fun to try and learn tricks,plenty of tutorials here on YouTube,mine isn't spring loaded like that and has the holes in the simulated blade end so it can't be sharpened

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