All Alone on My Birthday! 13 Weird Things to Do When You Are Bored at Home!



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38 thoughts on “All Alone on My Birthday! 13 Weird Things to Do When You Are Bored at Home!

  1. craftopia 123 says:

    And exactly where am I going to get faces of my friendssecluded mom balloons nowhere except my printer I don't have any printer ink and I can print them off line cuz their faces art online good job troom troom

  2. Lakeesha Lyon says:

    I literally had a b-day at home by myself and only with my brother mom and dad and my sister couldn’t be there so I had a boring b-day cause of covid19 by the way I love your videos and your channel thanks for the video but I wish I saw that on my b-day

  3. Margaret Ellis says:

    OKAY I JUST have to say my pieece right now real quic kthat…… I friggin love this show speially the way yall are talking about toile papeer friggin FUNny man ! and also its funn bc I had a birthday and I will do this again for sure next time writhday rolels round! Haha! put party hats on ma cans of Rotel and Hormel Chili hahaha (not Keanu Reese like u guys lol btw)

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