Albuquerque knife fight caught on camera



A street fight caught on camera nearly ended with a man being stabbed outside the front doors of an Albuquerque drug treatment clinic. Story on …

38 thoughts on “Albuquerque knife fight caught on camera

  1. David Ma says:

    I can't fucking stand when news channels take a 15 second video and spend 2 full minutes saying the same shit over and over again while playing the same 2 seconds of the video on repeat and in slow motion. Then interviewing people who are just like, "wow".

    Just show us the damn video already, JFC.

  2. lemonMan says:

    here cause im always carrying a knife, i would not hesitate to stab someone, don’t care if i go to jail, don’t care if he dies, it’s my intention to kill him. so just don’t fuck with me and everything will be alright

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