Air Force Survival Knife Review

This is a review of the Air Force Survival Knife made by Ontario. There is also an accompanying blog on other aspects of this knife at

33 thoughts on “Air Force Survival Knife Review

  1. Dan Schwemin Jr says:

    What about the sharpening stone?? I'm really surprised you didn't mention the accompanying sharpening stone at all… That is actually the reason why I just watched this review. I was hoping to get more info on the stone it comes with.

  2. Buffewo says:

    Only time I ever touched one of these was at SERE school. Our Wing was stingy on "frivolous" LS. Had surplus Vietnam era navy mk3s in the seat kits.
    Carried as much of my own gear as i could. And had to have my wife mail me stuff to help others. Such is our lot… but it easier to beat on a knife like this than something that cost good money for and is pretty…

  3. Brent Addie says:

    I'm really torn between this knife and the kabar USMC fighting knife.. I like both of them Because of the style TBH and Eventually wind up buying both but which one would you say Is better ?

  4. Orlos The Druid says:

    I had one of these in the 80's when I was light Infantry on the west coast. I hated the damn thing. The one I had had a saw tooth back that was useless, the blade was short, the blade was also way to thick ; and the blade material was incredibly soft, thing dulled on the first few cuts. I sold it to some dumbass Navy shit and went back and bought a really nice Gerber. That was a great knife, and some asshole thought so as well and they stole it from my locker.

  5. Bdubbleyou says:

    My friend, the way you baton against the grain instead of chopping brought joy to my heart!! It takes all lateral stress off of the rat tail tang. A great alternative to chopping for ka bar knives as well, I just can't stand when people chop away with knives like cave men

  6. nflsportsman says:

    Hi, JJ. Just recently found this videp, and I have made the same modifications to my USAF Pilot Survival Knife. it makes a
    real difference. One additional suggestion I would make is to attach a Tinder Quik firestarter tab to the metal on the back of the sheath with Gorilla Tape. That gives you tinder to start the fire,a as well as a good flame extender. Thanks for another great video!

  7. Jules MacFarlane says:

    I have had my pilot's survival knife for several years now and just sent it back to Ontario Knives for a replacement…knife guard and bolt had come loose. I agree with you in that it's not a bad little knife but I would rather have my Ka- Bar.

  8. Kurt Wolford says:

    Hey, I really like this channel, I was just wondering what kind of boots you were wearing in the scene where you were cutting up that stump at the beginning, I thought they kinda looked like rocky silent hunters but wasn't sure, thanks

  9. bjs030 says:

    I had no idea you were a SERE instructor until you said building the fire took "35 minutes or so", that one line clued me in to look at your profile. I've never been to any AF training that was more time oriented than SERE. Everything timed to the minute. I can still hear my instructor saying "It should take you guys 15 minutes to build this shelter. I did it in 10 while instructing".

  10. Jason Mcdonald says:

    Good vid JJ, I had seen this knife around and wondered how it fared. I have a Glock model 81 I picked up at a pawn shop, haven't used it yet but it looks good and the reviews I have seen seem to rate it pretty well. Would it be one you would consider doing a review on?

  11. FPSMurdock says:

    Your knife videos have come far since this one my friend. However its still a great vid with a lot of helpful information. I do have this knife also, and agree its a decent blade. Especially when your mom picks it up for you at a yard sale for  $5 years ago lol.

  12. Bruce Morrow says:

    A pilot had to be able to draw the knife, cut away his harness, scribe the canopy on his F4, and hammer out the scribed hole with the knife butt in under two minutes in testing. The sawback was for notches for trap triggers and lashes, and to shave magnesium off the issue Doane mag bar firestarter. Check C.E. Harriss and his article on "Knives of the clandestine service". He was at Aberdeen when they designed it. Great video.

  13. MrBeprepared123 says:

    Hello there. I am looking to join the USAF once I get off my adhd medication they said I could join. A friend of mine wasn't an SERE, but that is something I am interesting in doing as my military career. What I am wondering is what can I expect. My friend who did radars a few years ago said that his TI in basic told him that they have you guys pull telephone poles with heavy ropes in when you train to become an SERE, is this true?

  14. OnTheRiver66 says:

    Good review. I have had this knife for about 14 years and really like. I have always thought the saw was for aircraft aluminum but more recently heard it is for the plastic canopy if the canopy is stuck when the jet is downed. For me it is great for notches. The blade is also designed as a hunting knife for game the survivor kills.

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