Air Conditioner Fin Straightening Made Easy



How to straighten your air conditioner fins. This fin comb straightens bent fins in seconds. This handy fin straightener can also be used on radiators, oil coolers, …

26 thoughts on “Air Conditioner Fin Straightening Made Easy

  1. pipicos321 says:

    This thing is incredibly powerful>>> and I don't need more. There's no timer function or anything, basically you just turn it on and off, but that's okay. It gets cold within seconds and the room itself only takes about 5-10 minutes before you notice a serious difference. This thing was the BEST thing I spent money on all year.

  2. Houston Jones says:

    A sharp steak knife works great….box cutter.or a joker from your card set…… 15 minutes you could do a lot and a better job than that tool ……..patience and a little time is all it takes.

  3. Edward Lovette says:

    a cat's flea comb for $2.00 at any dollar general just might do the job…and they are metal. just cut off a segment of the flea comb and hold it with pliers and comb it thru. Flea combs have a very fine comb setting so should do a great job.

  4. Eva Harris says:

    Thank you this is exactly what I need to know! Been cleaning my units only on the front sides for years. I can't get to the back side of one window unit as its mounted high up at the top of the window and I'm in an apt on the 4th floor. It's also huge & heavy and is dripping water all over the front. I changed the filter many times but it didn't help. I bet it's disgusting inside. I'm getting the spray cleaner & I think I can move the unit just enough to spray the back coils from the inside. I'm ready to deal with it after watching your vid. You rock

  5. TaichiStraightlife says:

    Use a toothbrush… only stop brushing your teeth with it first… then you can also use it to clean the grit between the tiles on your shower walls… I also used the toothbrush to clean off the muck on the AC fins as: 1. it's a BIG window AC in a window of my 5th floor apt. living room, so 2. I can't pull it out of the window and 3. nobody has a hose up here on the 5th floor,  and 4. the vacuum wouldn't suck up the dry dusty muck off the fins until I attacked the fins with said toothbrush to loosen said dry muck, just sayin… I just hope the whole thing works once I turn the AC back on (fingers crossed).

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