AIMING IS USELESS! 3 Secrets To Great Shooting | Rob Leatham 6x IPSC World Champion!

When it comes to shooting, few are at Rob Leatham’s calibre so when he’s got something to say about shooting, we should pay attention. Watch the whole video, get the whole picture and we’ll…

44 thoughts on “AIMING IS USELESS! 3 Secrets To Great Shooting | Rob Leatham 6x IPSC World Champion!

  1. HotRod Ray says:

    EXCELLENT THANK YOU. 40 yrs ago I learned wrong but fiiiiinaaaaally after a year discovered this simple technique. 2 months ago I reshot my qualifications and the "instructor" was amazed when I showed him this technique. GREAT VIDEO ROB.

  2. Sam says:

    What's with all the pantywaists complaining about his attitude? It's clearly not a formal instruction session. He's just speaking off the cuff and economically.

  3. Ramond Pederson says:

    sqeeze slow enough to the point where you don't know when it will fire at first. but this guys a noob with red dot…. I don't see how it's even fun at that point… should pull the front sight off or grind down half way like erp

  4. Jim Bo says:

    I remember putting a quarter on the rear sights of an M9 and dry firing it during training in the military. If the quarter moved you did it wrong.

  5. James Bliehall says:

    Some have taken exception to Rob's "bravado."
    It's easy to be self-centered and boisterous when you are consistently as good as he was and still is….
    If I ever get to be 1/2 as good as he is, I'll be a little "over-the-top" too!

  6. Kyle Dupont says:

    For me the longer I aim and concentrate the more shaky the shot ends up exact opposite of a long gun this guy's dead on I consider this to be one of the best instructional videos for how to get on the right track at least .if you're afraid of the gun going off you won't be able to hit a 55 gallon drum you have to ignore the fact that it's going to go off that's the key

  7. Fancy Boy says:

    Fucking HILARIOUS 1.7k dislikes. The guy has competitions and my titles coming out his asshole and somehow theres 1.7k dislikes and all from weekend warriots that have nevery even fired a gun in competition in the first place. You tube should post the names of the dislikers. That would be fucking AWESOME.

  8. Christopher Paradise says:

    As a very novice shooter, the more I try and aim, the more my hand starts shaking and the less accurate I shoot. When I grip one handed and fire off without thinking about it too long, I hit the target pretty damn well. Target shooting is one thing, self defense shooting is another. No one knows what the fuck is going to happen when shit really goes down. Anything can happen then. Personally I hope to never find out.

  9. Mark Twain says:

    "Aiming is useless". Man, you really do not know how to communicate an idea. I suggest you take some classes in communication. The military calls trigger control, "dry fire", exercise. But since you have never served you would not know that.

  10. Clifford Lee says:

    Hi Rob, love your videos try training an old 03-17 in speed, that's my issue is precision aiming, I have hit a 6 inch steel gong at 200 yrds with 1 shoot with my XD 45 full-sized, totally screwed up with bowling pin matches at 10 feet. I'm working on speed shooting just something ingrained in me about engaging hostiles beyond their ability to effectively return fire

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