[Aikido Weapons] Tachi Dori (Sword Defense) Basics



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26 thoughts on “[Aikido Weapons] Tachi Dori (Sword Defense) Basics

  1. Poor Boi says:

    a person doesn't move in slow mo, furthermore to even grab or push the sword in that momentum, you're grip strength must exceed over 200 kg just in ur fingertips, I believe in the Samurai era it was stated that they did more take downs than Aikido, it was a primitive form of Judo with full Armour.

  2. Aaron Kriz says:

    Bro, I just got my katana the other day and thank god I stumbled across this video so I could learn how to defend against other weeb wielders such as myself.

    Btw great video can't wait to try this out at the dojo

  3. Kade Thompson Comedy says:

    Mate with all respect to you as a fellow martial artist you should try and go up against someone with a foam katana and see how many times you would lose your arms. I am happy to meet you and show you this if you like. Invite to ANY Aikdo guys. If someone has a sword, you want to keep away from them until they concentrate on a target so you can sneak behind them and choke them or donkey punch them into the back of the head. Run and snap off a wooden table leg or something or throw something hard at their face but DO NOT encourage people to try on take on someone wielding what is essentially a giant razor blade.

  4. theoavg says:

    You understand that samurais were wearing armor when trying to take someone's weapon in the field of battle? I hope this is just a kata of aikido and not something you believe it is true. Moreover you need to learn how to use the sword. Do some kendo, iaido or kenjutsu.

  5. Brian Desir says:

    This guy has made all the important points known here. Well done. Of course taking a sword is difficult in the hands of an expert near impossible. But if you were attacked by a long sharp metallic object. The points shared here might give you a chance of survival. Footwork must be fast timing is essential.

  6. Micheal Puckett says:

    Rokas ,pretty good job on this. Funny though that you talk about the principles you learn is the main reason for continuing this old practice but miss that the same is the reason for the empty hand techniques. Also would say try to enter deeper sometimes. If not you are endangered that they will pull back or turn into you cutting you. You know like a punch pulled back

  7. Martin K says:

    Looks like a slow pair sword dance, not like a realistic defence. Please come to our sword training class and show me your defence in fast style. I will use a foam-sword for safety.

  8. Louis Timm says:

    You can not disarm a trained swordsman like that.
    He will never attack in a straight line. His sword will always move first and threaten you and then his body.
    So you run directly into his attack.

  9. jimmy alderson says:

    Remember that aikido was developed from a style of jujutsu which was all about swords. And remember that the samurai did actually exist and they did actually fight and these techniques were developed to fight.

    But also remember that we didn't have tv or videos back then, and we can't exactly spar without risking life or massive financial loss. So how do we train? With kata, which is what this is. Every martial art has its kata, blxing has its speed bags, judo has its seven kata, karate has lots of kata, BJJ hve a kata form for all thir techniques which you learn before you roll. If you only hve kata then every martil art would look like it didn't work. That's why you need bankai, you need to translate the forms into something tnagible. For example let's take the ipponzelinage in the judo kata. Of course no one will strike you like that, but what the kata is for is to demonstrate the ideas of a technique. It is not there to say 'if they do this, you do this' it is there to teach you how to do the technique. Again we see in the same kata ura nage and yokoguruma, is the kata saying 'if they strike you with an overhand telegraphed strike you do this'? No, of course it's not. What's saying is that if someone attacks you it is good to get close to nulify their technique and control their bldy, and should you be in this situation you can off balance them or off balance them by their reaction to your attempts to off balance them.

    Thus this is the same here. No one is claiming that if someone hacked at you with a sword that you do this fluid motion, what it is telling you is to wait until they begin their motion, get close so that they can't pierce you, seflect the sword to off balance them and nullify their sword and make their sword merely a burden before applying your technique.

    People need to understand that there are techniques which don't work, but a kata isn't a technique so criticising a kata for not being realistic is like criticising a boxer for using a speedbag.
    I'm not much of an aikido fan, but i acknowledge what kata is and that it is more than a technique and is not supposed to be realistic. It is supposed to be a model, just like in lhysics. No one criticised a physicist for making a model of motion which neglects air resistance, but everyone criticises the models made in martial arts, mainly because they don't understand them.

    So before you go out happily criticising this technique, remember that this is the model, not the application – the application comes with understanding of the model

  10. Tyrone Kim says:

    I hope when you teach the techniques against a sword wielder that you will emphasise that this is just an exercise, and that the chance of success is very small, for a blade can move a lot faster than you can move out of the way, and also, a there will be, more than likely, multiple, lighting quick swings with a sword to contend with.

  11. westwass says:

    Would love to see you try this on a HEMA master with a German long sword! Or even better, a street thug with a crow bar! Get EMS on the speed dial, you will need it.

  12. Ian Moody says:

    ridiculous…. understand that a skilled person with a sword will kill you every time.
    I have practiced aikido and jujitsu for 23 years…the title of this video is bullshit sword taking is a training in movement. ..it has stopped being effective sword disarmament. many many years ago….important training but unrealistic to believe you can defend against a samurai sword.unless it's being welded by an aikido practitioner who is ready to take the fall. and attacks without the intent to harm you…even the masters succumb to this false thinking. when it comes to weapon taking …believe me the skills you can learn in aikido weapon taking can work. but not if trained like this!!!!!!

  13. Dan Druff says:

    If I were a thug who has no kenjutsu background, that's not how I'd swing my sword. I would most likely swing it diagonally (from bottom to top or vice versa) or horizontally. What would you do to get out of this situation?

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