Aikido vs MMA – REAL SPARRING – 2017

There are already plenty of people calling Aikido – Bullshido , yet time came to really see whether traditional Aikido works in an MMA ring. While this video is not …

30 thoughts on “Aikido vs MMA – REAL SPARRING – 2017

  1. Kisnney Almeida says:

    You all love this guy. Although I agree Aikido is not focused on this kind of conflict, I don't like his attitude in the fight.

    I have seen Aikido sensei fighting with a much more efficient technique. His mindset is too passive, not all aikidoka fight like this. He doesn't even seem to understand how to apply Aikido in real situations and looks surprised by some obvious stuff other masters tell him.

    I think this guy is a bad showcase for Aikido. My sensei gave classes to policemen, with great practical results. It's nice that he is humble, but I don't think he represents Aikido.

  2. Angelusloco15 says:

    I have to recognize you are a very honest man. To expose your martial art that way, for the sake of what is real fighting is amazing from you to do. With your understanding of movement through Aikido, I think you can appreciate better how real fighting works. Thank you a lot. Great video.

  3. Gene Ellis says:

    Nice honest young men. 1) Aikido came from Aiki jitsu and was defense against knives and swords ad clubs,  all of which the opponent is committed to follow through. This boxer seemed like he did  not want to hurt the Aikido guy,… and so did not committee to swings and thrusts.  Ueshiba was a powerful man logger as a young man and kendo fought a  number of sword fights to the death. It is said that if he grabbed your wrist he could make you give up just from that alone. _________________________________________________________________________________ He disappeared in China for 10 years and studied Q-Gong and Chi building related arts; he became so good at that that he was setting under a tree waiting to accept all challenges to the death in Japan,  when he became enlightened and under stood with the birds and animals were saying so to speak,  and that Gods way was not to kill but to teach the power of love in a dance like ritual as you passed through the crowd of attackers you smile and laugh at them and the harder they try to hit you, the more you smile and the harder they hit the ground. I studied Aikido for 8 years as a youth (80+ now) ad I can tell you first hand there is some para normal stuff going on.  _________________________________________________________________________________                        How do I know? Ueshiba's   2nd in command came to visit our club in San Diego Ca when it was in the wrestling room of the Grossmont College. He laughed all the time and he just shook his head and said"… all force, no Chi (KI as Japanese call it)" Then he gave a demo of Chi and I had no intention of falling down for him as I had never seen real para normal power before. I,… and every one,… hit the deck so hard when he just grabbed our Gi at the shoulder level with his little finger…no more, We all hit the deck, and the ones that tried to stand up and fight it,… really hit the deck very very hard. ____________________________________________________________________________I have neve seen any examples of KI before or after!  In his teachings he pointed out that in regular martial arts after many years of study the teacher grows weak from age and his skill diminishes but in Aikido the Chi builds. I practice Q-Gong but I do not believe I will ever see KI used like that again in my life. _________________________________________________________________________________Jijitsu (5 years for me) is a good art and Judo (1 year for me) are good arts no ki needed but Judo grades the black belts based on good deeds after so many years and my instructor was Mr Suji RED AND WHITE  a beautiful kind hearted man. _____________________________________________________________________________The stronger you become at hurting people the more you  must build all your related arts:The self awareness to always be alert and not allow your self or your family to stray into harms way: e.g. neighborhoods where your not welcome due to the e.g. color of your skin etc  An attack can turn into a life or death situation with in minutes. ________________________________________________________________________The prosecutor is you enemy especially if you hurt a minority person (but not necessarily in reverse)    __________________________________________________________________________________I attended a school next to Watts LA and got out 10PM; I was a kid. For some strange reason I decided to walk to the nearest busy street to get a cab and I ended up walking deeper and deeper into a very old part of LA, you guessed it …..watts LA; Tensions were very hi, As an officer of the court I always carried and had a CCW; It wasn't long before I attracted the attention of a group of young men walking parallel to me across the street.I smiled at them …but crated a plan if this or that happened. For some reason God protected me … they followed me till I found my way our. Had I used my weapon,  ..given the politics today I might have gone to prison.Learning how to stay out of trouble is much better than using your weapons of self defense be it Judo, (1 yy) Aikido,(8 yr.s) Karate,(5 years)  JiuJitsu(5 years)physical weapons 4 yrs USMC The purpose of all martial arts should be to protect and love.FORGIVE ME FOR THE LONG STORY Eugene Ellis Esq.

  4. Guilherme Thomasi Roncs says:

    I just think you weren’t confident enough, you seemed a little off. I just really believe that Asian martial arts can beat mma and boxing, though people don’t use it correctly or they don’t fight smart. I dunno maybe I was just blinded by my beliefs

  5. Dylan Slater says:

    I'm not a dedicated aikido practitioner I only did it for a fee months because it was so different to what I was used to which are more hard striking styles like kyokushin and boxing and TKD, but I didn't find it all totally useless.

    I found the footwork and the ability to step out of the way or blend with an opponent's movement very effective and made stuff work based of things I learned there in real sparring.

    The problem is most Aikido dojos train in a very un realistic way, I'll pass you my arm and let you take me down or I'll let you throw me and even jump to help it work.
    It's too traditional and it needs to evolve with humans like other martial arts have to stay effective.

    If you kept training this way for more than half an hour eventually you would figure out what to change and make use of the techniques.
    I also still believe it would be useful for self defence against your average idiots on the street because most of the time people that can actually fight will not go around attacking people outside. Normally it would be a group of drunken clowns and the footwork is great for keeping your self on the outside of multiple people and get yourself away, and getting away is an effective form of self defence.

  6. John Tynan says:

    The only truth you find is getting in a ring and start getting hit, there the body and the mind becomes tempered to pain. All this theory and wrist lock grabbing is not near real fight/attack scenario. You need to withstand a level of pain, so you don't buckle, and retaliate with such ferocity your assailant/attacker realise there mistake in seconds

  7. Ziraeal says:

    Veeery interesting. I see aikido like an art to be use by surprise. If you are 1vs1 any another martial art is gonna work better, but aikido it's useful to neutralize somebody quicly without hurt and before any combat

  8. winston miller says:

    I don't think aikido has a place in comparative MMA. It wasn't created for that. If aikido enters this type of world it would need some serious modifications. Aikido came out of ancient battlefield situs. It may have been innovative at the time, but then Bruce Lee came along with modern ways of moving and fighting, in effect MMA. So aikido has been superceded in a big way, but no one has really midified it yet. Untill then aikido should stick to what it does best offering people a possible way for self defence, because aikido works well in some situ, but not going up against the striking arts in matches. No no no!!

  9. Kurmay BAYILDIRAN says:

    13 years of aikido, still trying to grab arm of opponent who can punch so fast like boxers. I am sorry but you are just a saloon practitioner, u know what i mean.

    I did aikido for 6 years, and whenever i had chance, i exercised vs other martial arts such as karate, taekwondo, wingchun, boxing, kickboxing. And i also have some experience in street fighting.

    You need to keep ur distance, not try to grab wirsts,, but if u cant keep ur distance then u gotta be a shadow fighter in close, so close that your opponent cant punch, so defensive that he cant grab you, yet when u turn into close fight as a shadow, of ur opponent, then juat knock him out. Dont try to act like 3 months aikidoka.. 13 years cmon.. Be a interdisciplinary martial artists base on aikido. Not a saloon yoga master. Otherwise you lose like garbage..

  10. Nolin Bolin says:

    I'm very impressed with your strength of character and willingness to test your ideas. Aikido can work sometimes on an untrained opponent who attacks a certain way. It needs to be updated.

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