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34 thoughts on “Aikido vs Knife

  1. Rodger hempfing says:

    I had a angry person come at me, swinging the blade madly from all directions. I had no chance to grab the wrist or arm, too fast. I did a front kick to stomach and took off, I survived that one, and learnt a lesson.

  2. Bentley's Backwoods Bushcraft says:

    1:52 that can actually work, for someone who has trained it and learned how to do it well, which takes a good amount of time. And then when it doesn't work, they kill you. The horrible thing about knife defense is most make it too complicated and try to teach things that just don't work or if they don't work get you killed, like that. Knife skills are dangerous, expect to die so when you do it isn't a surprise. And if by some miracle you live you can claim that the skill you learned worked great. I think that if you could only teach knife skills if you have actually done it for real in a real life situation, there would be a lot less knife disarm videos on youtube.

  3. Andre M says:

    good video very educational as a teen I once had someone pull a jack knife on me I closed it on his hand
    and that was very effective he let go of the knife and never pulled a knife on me again

  4. Doctor McGoveran says:

    the first mistake is handing them the wallet drop the wallet or a hand full of bills and change and run like hell…don't be in the same place as the thing they want any longer than you have to be…why hand them the wallet and wait around to see what they want after they get the wallet…secondly you are betting a lot on a one time win or lose move in a big old flat well lit gym with a nice floor and lots of room, that works at the gym,,,i it not my way to plan and train for a stabbing in that kind of place, and get caught in a crowded dark bar try to catch the guys arm and throw him where there no room…the best advice I got was from a deputy who specialized in snatching a weapon during a talk…He said control the the weapon at all the case of a knife attack, smacking his hand might miss and the knife is not controlled, if you can slap that arm with both hands you need to grab that arm and control the weapon. I am two fifty lbs and five ten..if you pulled a knife on me I will catch the arm at the shoulder and work down the arm or catch the wrist and turn my back and start pulling that hand and arm and you to something like the wall or a table and start beating the knife hand against some thing till it drops the knife…maybe just keep beating the hand against the wall to beak some bones.I don't have all the akido skills you have, why you are slapping the hand and wrist like a striker, when you got so many akido skills that could grab that wrist control the weapon and beak a bone with style..that sweep move with the sewing machine attack was a good thing but why did you not catch that hand?

  5. Ganymed says:

    To be honest all this knife disarming stuff is just complete Fantasy. The best thing you can do is run, you only have one life. There is no way that you can disarm someone in a Real life scenario, because you dont know the person and they will never come on one angle if they try to cut you. Everything will happen very fast and you will get cut.

    Please dont fantasize about that stuff, it may work in a dojo while practicing, but not in real life. Just run you only have that one life.

  6. Mr Affability says:

    I think that if someone just wants to kill you they come up from behind. If you are confronted with a knife they want something or they're a bit thick. There is the element of your alertness. Aikido should teach you to be aware of what is going on around you, and to act without thinking about technique. The minute you perceive a threat, however nebulous you should be adjusting your distance, almost without conscious awareness. The minute the knife or any other threat appears, off line and strike or kick, then take the knife. Preferably escape, or grab anything which will give you reach as a weapon. Aikido is not a part time hobby, it is a way of life, so don't keep bad company, avoid getting drunk or stoned, especially in bad company. I shudder when I see some of these knife disarming techniques that rely on drills, one may practise in the Dojo, but knowing that the limitation to that practice is that in a real situation you will have to create the opening first since it is unlikely that the attacker is going to oblige you with a committed attack. The same is true of any attack and that is why O Sensei gave such importance to Atemi.

  7. AmericanBulldogFit says:

    Always carry a weapon. Always. He pulls, I pull. That moment for him to hesitate because he sees I'm not fucking around is all I need to run away. Never bring a knife to a gun fight. Never bring hands to a knife fight. Carry a weapon. Your whole attitude changes. Self defense is about self preservation, not bragging rights. I just want to go home alive, and safe.

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