AIKIDO VERSUS KNIFE STAB: Tsumiotoshi/Kokyunage

One option for Aikido defense against “grab-and-stab” knife attack when the attacker has secured a grip on the defender’s clothes.

15 thoughts on “AIKIDO VERSUS KNIFE STAB: Tsumiotoshi/Kokyunage

  1. Aikido Agatsu says:

    With the attacker rolled onto the non-weapon side, the weapon arm restrained, and defender's shin across the attacker's neck, I do not see the bottom (free) hand as a threat. I do not think he would be able to reach the defender's head from that position, and any strikes he could generate to the body would not be very strong. And, as you said, the attacker's wrist and elbow are in serious jeopardy…

  2. Aikido Agatsu says:

    There is no free hand. One is holding the defender's jacket, the other holds the weapon. If the attacker wants to strike the head, he must let go of the jacket. This will allow the defender to move more freely, making him a more difficult target. Is it possible? Yes, but the attacker's attention is usually focused strongly on the weapon arm.

  3. Aikido Agatsu says:

    I'm glad we found some common ground, but just because I prefer blues to country doesn't mean blues is ACTUALLY better, it's just my opinion, based on my limited perception. When you like something, it's fine to share that and put energy into promoting it, but there is no need to make negative or inflammatory comments about anything else. Trying to build your views up by putting others down only makes you look hostile and insecure. We each have our own path, but they all lead to the same summit.

  4. Aikido Agatsu says:

    Please consider: One martial art cannot beat another martial art, since they are only sets of ideas. That's like saying jazz can beat blues. It's the skill of the individual artist that matters, not the style. I'm sure there are many people from a variety of arts/styles who could "beat" me. No one is invincible. I like Aikido because is about self-defense and compassionate conflict resolution, not picking fights to see how tough you are.

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