Aikido TANTO DORI, knife defense – SANKYO, by Stefan Stenudd



The aikido technique sankyo in tanto dori (also called tanken dori), knife defense, by aikido instructor Stefan Stenudd, presently 7 dan Aikikai shihan. Here the …

24 thoughts on “Aikido TANTO DORI, knife defense – SANKYO, by Stefan Stenudd

  1. Belgian Whitewolf says:

    With all due respect, it is beautiful to watch, but it is unrealistic. If you're teaching these as self-defense techniques against a knife attack than you don't have the slightest clue of what is a real knife attack.

  2. Ronnock says:

    I'm not suggesting that a Police Officer ought to run away from a crisis. I don't believe that at all! It is completely their job to resolve civil dispute! How did you perceive my comment as being directed towards State officials who's job is to handle crises?

  3. Joker says:

    Actually as a police officer ( which not everyone is) you ARE paid to take down criminals of any sort in any means necessary. Because you are aware of the risks of your job. Nonetheless running away in case you weren't working with law enforcement wouldn't be a bad idea. Its all about calculating the risque, and foreseeing ( up to a point) the consequences of each probable scenario. But at the end, its ups to you.

  4. Ronnock says:

    I am not a police officer, and unless I was with someone or cornered, you bet your ass I would run. I'm not paid to take on street-thugs and supercriminals who wish to use violence as a means of cheating to get what they want. I am not going to allow them that luxury and opportunity.

  5. EverSleeper says:

    First of all, it's wrong to start the practice of Aikido with the goal of being invincible and stopping someone who points a knife at you: Aikido is union, and I see a good awase in this video. But we mustn't forget of its effectiveness and pratical applications (samurais used the ancient budo to kill their enemies). At 0:30, for example, you dodge the shomenuchi still being in front of your uke: an aggressor, expert or not, would follow with a straight punch and you'd be defenseless. Is it not?

  6. Ronnock says:

    @sklenik001 "no" gun? Or did you mean "a gun."? If it was the latter, then I totally agree with that as well, it's just that a lot of people believe guns are immoral and unnecessary…I however am not one of those people.

  7. ian philip says:

    I like aikido as an art. everyone will have to make their own decisions within the art they are learning. this guy moves really well technically. although it's funny how he grabs the blade in the disarm :D. it's a nice demo regardless. keep rockin it 🙂

  8. Stefan Stenudd says:

    @Tullius I agree completely. Running is a first choice, also for the experienced martial artist. In most cases it's the best self defense – especially if you're a well-trained runner.

  9. Ronnock says:

    @Tullius Thrown? Who and the fuck have you encountered? Barely anyone knows how to competently throw a knife in a weapon fashion. And most thugs don't want to chase their pray they just want to get what they desire in the instance.

  10. Raikara says:

    @Amethar Dude ehm, for example, you probably think that at 0:48 (for example) is an excellent time for the agressor to attack. I really hope you try this in real life, becouse you will break your radius in your other arm. In sankyo (when executed properly) any movement towards the uke (defender) tightens the lock. Sankyo is also by far the most dangerous lock to preform. 1 wrong movement and the agressors arm is broken. Dont forget btw, this is a demo, to show the movement, not real life.

  11. Ondřej Zeman says:

    @newtubetubetube hmmm, if you say so… I gotta tell you, that I've recently been to some Aikido trainings and Aikido is so… absurd… you're saying something about fixing… yes, that might be true, but he is fixing just one arm, not the other one you fool… So stop retarding and try to count every moments that the agresor can attack… I think that you don't even know that high number

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