Aikido Kotegaeshi off a Jab -Please Stop



In this video I will talk about the idea of trying to do Kotegaeshi off a jab (from boxing) and why you should stop trying to do that- Please. We’ll talk about why …

14 thoughts on “Aikido Kotegaeshi off a Jab -Please Stop

  1. Westwood1816 says:

    Another simple option against a jab is a simple boxing parry Which is just a simple pawing motion from outside to in, In anticipation of a more bodyweight committed attack. Also back in high school I also got confused between a soufflé and a Suplex. A soufflé is French cooking while a Suplex is a Greco Roman body throw.

  2. Justo Alvarez says:

    This video, when you talk about "what do you use this technique for" should a whole series called "fight fundamentals"

    Aikido people in general don't know how to fight… someone has to teach the basics and the logic behind it…

    We need to develop and teach "Atemi" more extensively… that's our "guard"

    PD. Im way more into the video now! When you say "You run down and you punch him," like, yeah, those are the "comitted" attacks someone has to perform to make those Aikido techniques flow easily… you don't force them, they have to come into your safe space while actually comitting to attacking you… This video is GOLD!!!

  3. IntegralMartialArts says:

    Kotegaeshi is a bit more do-able in a grappling only context from the clinch. This also seems to tee up the topic of holding ma-ai (distance) until uke delivers a so-called "committed attack" which is a very interesting principle to practice with aliveness. The Muay Thai long guard helps for that. Close quarters is another problem as we may not be able to back up any more at a certain point. Shelling from Boxing is useful for that. On the other hand that's what yobi dasu / initiating our own atemi (jab) to close distance is for. Either way: Strike to clinch or clinch on the strike. Have you played with this much with live drilling?

  4. S Y says:

    I loved this video! I do Shotokan Karate, and have dabbled in various Aikido styles every so often (except the Ki Society hippies 😉 ) and I love this channel because you explain so well your philosophy of aikido (not overwhelm someone, but not be overwhelmed), the bringing in of striking/wrestling as tools to make aikido better. And because this channel is SO COOL!!!

  5. alfian nahuda says:

    Wow look at that theatrical jokes you show lol. I believe aikido is only a tool and it's ground goal is to make us a proper human (to make peaceful harmony relationship is number two goal). So that's why in my early days training aikido, I only focused on ashi sabaki techniques and tai sabaki techniques. I know kotegaeshi doesn't work even if I don't train competitive martial art. That's why I only focus on technique that will works (sabaki & atemi). Yes my mind is always martial and I don't eat aikido philosophy of not hurting your opponent and gently disarm them, but it doesn't make me drop aikido and go mma. My current reason to stay aikido is because:
    1. It has solid organization (I train aikikai)
    2. IT'S SO COOL!!! (but I still keeping only using sabaki, atemi, and local-wisdom-modification on aikido technique)
    3. Physical & mental health
    4. I start doing martial art because I wanna be a ninja. I start with ninjutsu dojo but because it's not what I'm expected to get, I start wing chun by myself. After years training, I think of go back at my original interest on armed martial art. Then I learn Merpati Putih but it's not focusing on armed stuff even if it has. But I don't wanna train other silat that more into armed stuff cause their organization not as big as unarmed silat. Then I start aikido. I know what its limitation and don't go focusing at it but more into its merit as being mentally constructive and being, COOL. And from discussing with you, I began to realize that close range armed fighting is almost impossible and it's better to train martial art that still the same armed corridor but in more distance fighting.
    Thank you for the video though, I learn a lot from it.

  6. zachparade says:

    Great video! And sooo cool!! Ha!
    Question: Since in self-defense and your interpretation of Aikido retreating backward footwork is so important, I would if you have a training protocol/sequence for regaining balance from a stumble or slip to remain on one's feet and prevent doing an ukemi unless it is absolutely necessary? Just a thought because it is something I am working on and think is really important, so I wanted to get the insight from others I respect like you?

  7. Ibrahim Khalil says:

    Best video you done so far, hopefully I wish to see more hand2hand combat. Also I think you should look into all the hidden atemis for every wristlock techniques. For example there's a hidden elbow atemi for the kote gaeshi, I hope you see it.

  8. Consultores en Seguridad y Asociados says:

    How about off a front punch which is not a jab. The set up looks different and it’s easier to detect the person who is about to throw it. Would you recommend trying to side step/deflect. Your second (lets say left hand) breaks into the crook of his arm as it retracts and then you seize the wrist and do kotedgaishi. I’m not saying I would choose that techniques or that attack but what’s your thoughts?

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