Aikido – Great Knife Defense – Kote Gaeshi

Aikido – Knife Defense Adam Adamski 5th dan Aikikai (Kobukan Dojo, Athens). Showing the technique: Kote Gaeshi (wrist turned outwards). A basic yet very …

8 thoughts on “Aikido – Great Knife Defense – Kote Gaeshi

  1. James Pardee says:

    Most real knife attacks are a running thrust, or a "sucker plunge" at extremely close range at lightning speed! Show some defenses against those, not this overhead stuff! Hardly anyone would attack that way with a knife, because it would "telegraph" on the upswing, forfeiting the speed advantage! The only value that I can think of in such an attack would be from behind, not from the front, as in all of these attacks! If anyone attacked me like that, I honestly think I would have time to turn around and run, and the idiot would probably fall over!

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