Aikido – Excellent Knife Defense

Adam Adamski 5th dan Aikikai (Kobukan Dojo, Athens). How to deal with a knife attack. Uke: …

12 thoughts on “Aikido – Excellent Knife Defense

  1. youtube shop says: Just some simple applications using shotokan basic moves and putting them together with anything that gives you an advantage… I believe once you have the basics of any fight style down, find your speciality and work on it enhance it, don't listen to otheres telling you, thats no a certain style blah blah, it doesn't matter if it gets you where you want to be, and Before you start messaging me with your opinions on how YOU think it should be done or how some blocks won't work or would be dangerous to try,,please UNDERSTAND these are applications that should be called upon as part of your fighting routine they are not intended to be solely used as the begining or the end to a fight, but to be called upon through through instinct and feeling in the moment, which only you will feel at the time. Remember if your moves (techniques) have to be thought about during a fight this means you have not practiced enough on a whole range of possible attacks and responses a real fight is not the same as a controlled match or competition, consider being grabbed or taken to the floor while fighting practice gripps lower leg strikes and head locks on the floor its good exercise and may come in use one day, oh and try this give your training partner a knife, a rubber one of course and tell him to stap and cut you, you will see how usless most blocks are. it will piss you off if you have only watched controlled demos and thought the would work… try it..

  2. Brendan Hicks says:

    Good precise movements, but in my opinion, not the best choice,
    there are other more effective aikido knife taking technics (that some other martial styles copied) that allow for double bladed knifes and place the attacker in a unbalanced and weak position

  3. Anthony Quintiliani says:

    These Aikido techniques are powerfully effective, aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and scientifically compatible with the laws of physics. However, the technical methods demonstrated were specifically appropriate for the vector trajectories utilized by the knife wielders shown in the demonstration. The problem is people usually intuitively utilise a knife with form dictated by the inherent physical structure and function of a knife. A knife is by nature small and light which lends itself to making relatively short trajectory stabbing and slicing motions initiated at relatively close range. A sword by comparison is relatively larger and heavier than than a knife and conversely functions more effectively with longer trajectory stabbing and slicing motions initiated from comparatively greater distance. It seems the attacks shown in the video were technically more appropriate for swordplay than knife utilisation.

  4. Achille Peleus says:

    with all my respect but it works with a tanto or a none sharply knife with a partner in a exhibition , coz in reality the extreme majority of ppl who use knifes for attacks know what they're doing you won't see in reality try to stab or slash once and give you his hand to do your move but stabs several times quickly … The most effective techniques or let's say can give you a chance to survive or avoid worst injuries you'll find it in krav-maga or systema , my modest opinion.

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