Aikido doesn't have knife disarms??



Aikido doesn’t have knife disarms?? From outside of the system, knife disarms look super cool and new people always want to learn them. From inside of the …

11 thoughts on “Aikido doesn't have knife disarms??

  1. Richard Bejtlich says:

    Neat video. Maybe Maya should throw the knife away from Josh after the disarm? We've all heard the story of a trainee who practiced disarms and returned the gun or knife to the "attacker" in the gym, only to do the same "on the street." It's probably an urban myth, but throwing the weapon away is a good way to instill proper actions into the trainee.

  2. Akuma Bakemono says:

    I always loved (and will love) unarmed martial arts (Hung Gar, Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, Okinawan Karate, Southern Praying Mantis, Kudo, Sumo and Sambo are my favourites ones) but I always wondered the same as you: "Why so much obsession for unarmed martial arts in our cultures?". Even with all fire weapons, edge weapons still be the most common tool used to hurt and even kill people.
    I studied Aikido for 4 years (in a really chill out non martial focused Aikikai Dojo) and when I sparred in my backyard with a mate that started practizing Box at the same time I started Aikido, the results were always the same:
    -10 unarmed matches: I fought well 4 or 5 matches, but he won all 10.
    -10 armed matches (me with knife, he unarmed): he "died" 10 times.
    -10 armed matches (he with knife, me unarmed): I only "died" 3 or 4 times.
    I'm not saying Box is useless (is an awesome discipline) I'm saying that is fun how one of the most popular and effective fight systems lose in the same scenario were one of the most insulted martial arts (Aikido) works pretty well… and is the same scenario where more commonly people get killed in the streets…

    Awesome vid by the way, I love your view on Aikido, a really fresh air on the topic. Greetings from Argentina!

  3. alfian nahuda says:

    You seem really enjoyed it now and I love it. The way you project yourself in front of camera is several times better now. Josh and Maya also seem enjoyed it now.

    It happen in my dojo. My senior when doing live demonstration on audience do kind of hit the knife disarm when I ask him a question, he said he learn it from krav maga video on yt. I don't know why aikidoka even need to train other martial art system knife disarm that doesn't have organized training method like aikido. I don't say you shouldn't learn from other, just why don't deepen your own martial art technique.

    I hope you finished all your aikido live drill/sparring. It's only you who can do it. Thank you for this awesome video.

  4. Zach Trent says:

    Thanks I really REALLY like the way you teach and explain Aikido. I haven't taught in over 5 months due to COVID so I am missing training 🙂

    Where is your dojo? I hope I can come and train sometime.

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