Aggressive Stealth Training – Shivs, Trench Knife, Combat Knives, Bayonet

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10 thoughts on “Aggressive Stealth Training – Shivs, Trench Knife, Combat Knives, Bayonet

  1. Cristian Valdivieso Porras says:

    Man you should really try the karambit, a small, full tang, double edged karambit. Its the absolute best knife for infiltration. You can even open doors with it. Use traditional grip on left hand (infiltration) and forward grip on the right one (combat scenario as a common knife). The retention ring comes really in handy for fast deploy and keepimg your knife hanged in your pinkie or index finger while you are lockpicking, manipulating electronic devices, or any activity involving your hands. Also the retention ring is usefull to break glass if youre using the forward grip, and as a less lethal option. The curved blade mimics the biomechanics of a tiger claw, and is the best for causing deep, extense cuts, wich makes it perfect for the sentry removal techniques you are showing.

  2. HARRY MURRAY says:

    At 3:393:45 I was sure I would see a severed finger or blood – when grabbing the enemy's head to pull it back and expose the throat , it is extremely important to have knife control so that you don't cut your own arm. Also, I was happy to see that you are using blades with guards – sooooo many people have stabbed someone – hit bone or hard clothing and their hand slides forward onto the blade (i.e. O.J. Simpson) – just be careful when stabbing hard objects (phone poles). Lastly, I wouldn't slash if using a spike weapon ( maybe with that awesome 3 spike claw you made though). Great Vid !

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