Agent 47 Hand to Hand Combat | PANANTUKAN Techniques

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11 thoughts on “Agent 47 Hand to Hand Combat | PANANTUKAN Techniques

  1. Hotpocket Moutaindew says:

    Samus Aran. Is this amazing space bounty hunter. And you would think with all that future space tech she would beat 47. But in the first game. She blows up the original place and flys away. Only to get shot down by space pirates. So her first observation is, oh snap. There is their giant space ship. Searching to destroy me. My power suit is gone I am SOL. Time to break into their ship and hope I can escape.
    She has no self defense movea aside from a pistol.
    I read the comics to figure out. Exactly what was she working with. Famous bounty hunter.
    And she had some stuff in her basic suit below her powr suit. Like transhuman implants in her legs to give her the ability to jump like those mkther fkkers on crouching tiger. And in her arms. And her "self defense pistol" is more than half the length of her arm. Like an mp5k.
    And she doesn't use any hand to hand combat or even try. And just barely stuns people and runs away.
    Agent 47 would probably beat Darth Vader. Because all these sci fi heroes are just lazy 90s actors. Dependant on technology and couldn't strategize for the life of them. While a super awesome clone here like 47 could destroy a random space aliens knee with a punch.

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