Advanced Wing Tsun Techniques : Wing Tsun Knife Defense

Wing Tsun Kung Fu is a great self defense method to use against knife attacks. Learn more about defending yourself from a professional martial artist in this free video. Expert: Todd Shawn…

23 thoughts on “Advanced Wing Tsun Techniques : Wing Tsun Knife Defense

  1. felixsunrise says:

    Sorry, but the techniques shown in this clip are just dangerous. You will never grab the knife as shown, and if, you will probably slash you own face, and the knee to elbow "technique", Come on, this is way to complicated unrealistic stuff, which will make everybody look stupid while being staged by just anybody…

  2. Subhojit Roy says:

    If you are an expert of martial art combat system like Krav maga or Kung fu then it is very much possible to overpower an opponent armed with a knife in his hand and running away is an act of cowardness usually done by a lehman and not by a blackbelt holder of kung fu.

  3. wingdingism says:

    Nice pijamas.. basic defence against "knife attacks": run. If you can't run, protect the inside of your arms, with a high guard, shoulders up to protect your neck, keep the inside of your thights turned in.. the reason for this is the neck, inner arms and thighs and, of course torso, all contain, arteries, veins and organs that, if cut and bled, will give you about 90secs before you either fall into a state of shock or bleed to death.. Offer real survival skills instead of this Jackie Chan B.S..

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