Advanced Self Defense Moves for Women : Protecting Yourself if Knocked to Ground

Interested in self defense classes. Learn self defense for women in this free video clip about protecting yourself on the ground. Expert: Chemin Alldredge Bio: …

25 thoughts on “Advanced Self Defense Moves for Women : Protecting Yourself if Knocked to Ground

  1. FujianXiamen Guo says:

    This is obviously a Korean sort of thing. There is such a thing as passing the kicks. The question becomes, "Does she know how to handle an opponent who mounts her either from the top through the 'guard' or from the side, or from the direction of the head?"

  2. eriklane78 says:

    this technique is what they teach in Basic Law Enforcement Training…what she didn't show was the second pat of that where you can use the post leg to gain momentum and stand up faster. but this is correct

  3. sirseigan says:

    Oh man – will she destroy her collar bone if she fall like that… NEVER EVER break the fall with your arm like that on a har surfice! If it was me I would have trapped the attackers heel and kick on the inside of the knee to take him/her down. The groin is overrated!

  4. ApiolJoe says:

    @7Mushrooms7 You have to kick REALLY hard to disable him by kicking the groin. You will need much less power to hit other areas with the same efficiency. Also, it is good to know how to work with other areas because a woman don't have groin, so it is even more difficult to use this trick against her (you need to be extremely precise to go that way).

  5. ApiolJoe says:

    The way she shows the kicks won't hurt that much, maybe stun him for a second or so but hardly much more. Hit the leg that is supporting his weight will be both much more effective, and easy (since the knee or the area just above the knee is much more easier to reach, and the fact that you will have more power kicking there thanks to a proper alignment with your body). If you can't kick, try to get your legs inside his advancing legs and work on the knee joint, either by breaking or bending it.

  6. knowledgeisthepower1 says:

    This is a bad video… Never ever lie on ur side when on the floor, this sets u up for a possible side mount into RNC. Secondly never kick to the groin that is right at the level the attackers hands will be. Always kick 2 the knee cap or shin.

  7. Alexifish says:

    don't forget the knees ladies! If you're on the ground and you're shorter (like me), you might not get a good aim at a taller assailant's side or groin. One solid kick to the knee will bend it backward and cause the attacker to buckle.

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