Advanced Self Defense Moves for Women : How to Protect Your Purse From Snatcher



Keep your purse safe. Learn self defense for women in this free expert video clip about how to protect your purse. Expert: Chemin Alldredge Bio: Chemin …

8 thoughts on “Advanced Self Defense Moves for Women : How to Protect Your Purse From Snatcher

  1. kaylaj00e says:

    @clydywydy85 your very right but some times in some places you need to hurt them enough so they cant just get back up and run after you, and that they know not to mess with you.

  2. Col As says:

    I don't think a punch from her or your average woman against a bigger male attacker would work, most likely to get punched back. Knee strikes need to be on target to disable, tug of war might see you pulled over – Groin strike and run…

  3. thefakeyeti says:

    I am in a karate/self defense class..

    and I love how they always say "opponent" and not "agressor" or "attacker"

    Ps.. I find that a black belt around the gee of a "meh" looking girl.. makes her HOT HOT HOT HOT…

    I can't help it, knowing a lady worked that hard to achieve something, turns me ON..

    Plus knowing she could kick my ass…. That is a close second..

  4. kilibe023 says:

    also the problem with kicking the groin area is that if the guy is on drugs or is angry and has a lot of adrenaline in his body he may not feel it for 30 seconds or more or in the case of a guy taking drugs he may not feel it at all. learn more then teach.

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