Advanced Punching Techniques – A Sweet Trick To Build Power and SAVE ENERGY When Punching

This advanced striking technique allow you to deliver brutal hooks (and combinations) while also saving your energy! If you get tired in a fight or just want to …

38 thoughts on “Advanced Punching Techniques – A Sweet Trick To Build Power and SAVE ENERGY When Punching

  1. Ryan Baurle says:

    Confused by this, all you did was punch with correctly. This is boxing 101. Besides the fact that you arent supposed to turn your fist in a hook. Just a hip rotation

  2. Mad Pirate says:

    Your liturally telling people to slap their opponent. Elbow should be behind the fist and driven into whatever infront of it. Your slapping with a fist here. What a fucking bell end you are.

  3. fabian Dikiylev joseph says:

    Amazing! My trainer had shown me this concept years ago and i had used this in my first fight. At first when i learnt it i thought it was a waste of time but i went on to winning my first fight with this. Trust me when it say it works! Fabian "dikiy lev" joseph on instagram!

  4. G D says:

    I donno man. If you look at a vid of George formeman on the heavy bag, each punch looks like it will explode organs. Or Mike Tyson.Those hook dog in deep, maybe that's why they're called "hooks" :p
    Sure on the chin that would work, nice quick snap, but the body, I would think that devastation comesFrom pushing the blow deep all the way in. That sounded funny

  5. Kerry Puckett says:

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  6. Towel 88 says:

    what about the visualization techniques of guys like Tyson where they say they visualize not just connecting all of their punches but actually visualize and try to punch through their opponent, thus visualizing not punching there face but the punching through the back of their head, giving them more reach and power????

  7. kg beats says:

    hi there I was wondering if you could help me with something

    sometimes I start my boxing workout on the bag I noticed that I'm not moving as fast as I was a few days ago maybe I need to warm up before hitting the bag? I don't know why but few days ago I was moving, slipping and punching faster than I was today what or why does this might happen do I need to warm up first? will it help if I jump rope first before I hit the bag?

  8. David Ofahulu says:

    Freakin love these vids!! Im probably the biggest pussy and i dare not to pick fights with anyone,,,,but it is definitely dope to have these skills tucked away just in case an army of non-pussys try to beat me up!!! Keep it up bruh!

  9. airsoftsebi says:

    We made accurate measurements of the punching power and the video is complete bullshit. With this style of punching you decrease the peak of the punching power (kg), and also the impulse (Ns) is decreased. With this style of punching you can DECREASE the hardness of the punch to only 30% of your possible maximum.

    If you want to do real damage you have to transfer power, a hand that slips of the target will not transfer anything, it just slips.

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