Advanced Knife Disarming – Street Effective Hapkido, Jin Jung Kwan Calgary

Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido in Calgary, CANADA. Master Wade Langin shows a couple of highly effective techniques against an attacker …

20 thoughts on “Advanced Knife Disarming – Street Effective Hapkido, Jin Jung Kwan Calgary

  1. Troncapoeira says:

    The "disarm the attacker from behind" is not bad. I'm aware of the first motion, trap the knife arm, then rotate in and under the attacker, away from the blade. The disarm, lock, move froward and break the wrist seems to have a lot more movements than I'm familiar. You can, in the first half of the disarm, when rotating under and behind the attacker, cut him with his knife while in this motion, because you still are securing the knife arm. Plus, since you are in that circular motion, just make an easier step and cutting him with his own weapon. Though, now you are guilty of attempted murder with a weapon. Defense or not, knife fighting is ugly in the legal sense. Even if you are defending yourself, if you cut the other guy, even with his own knife, it attempted murder

  2. NYWAORCANZ says:

    I know all of us martial artists that practice knife defence loves to finish off our training parters with a throat slash as we watch that in the movies but we civilians need to remember Law Enforcement and the Court systems would view this as murder

  3. Neo says:

    Street effective… Everyone says that nowdays… I actually come from the streets, I started training knifes when i was 7 years old. Ive been in stabbings, ive seen stabbings, i got close ones who been stabbed, shot etc. I would never say this is realistic or anyway street effective that i see in this video. What i see in this video is totally unrealistic, works in dojo slow mo with a friend, complete bullshit when it comes to self-defence.. A teacher should really know his limits…

  4. Neo says:

    Behind. come back… break the wrist… What a bunch of bullshit. This is exacly what bruce lee was disgusted by, complicated unrealistic techniques.. Wonder why… Im disgusted too.. Just imagine if the opponent actually wasnt your student and wasnt just standing still and u would actually have a real knife against your throat..

  5. Raul Garcia says:

    This is Funny… i was in a real knife attack and this is ….., no one attack so stupid using the knife like fencing. i took the control of the one hand of the aggressor my other hand i cant used it BECAUSE was only to prevent to stop the knife … maybe you can say i should attack his eyes.. but if at the same time i attack his eyes he attack me with the knife i will loose. he push me, was very close I stop twice the knife attack then he run away with his partner.

  6. napalmhardcore says:

    This technique may well work but the problem I have with this demo is the attackers stance does not seem very stable. When the initial block is performed his forward momentum causes him to lose balance and lean forward facilitating the rest of the technique. Even an untrained assailant is likely to have a more stable neutral stance, meaning when you go to close in he will be in a better position to move or lean back and then you could be in real trouble.

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