Advanced Elite Jeet Kune Do Knife Defense Tuition

I will be doing seminars next year on strictly close quarter knife defense tactics. For more info on seminars email: Online Urban Combat E …

19 thoughts on “Advanced Elite Jeet Kune Do Knife Defense Tuition

  1. Alessandro says:

    Hello Sifu, I often look at his videos and I find them very useful for my workouts. I practice three disciplines including wing chun, jeet kune do, and krav maga, I love bruce lee martial arts is my idol fi from my childhood! I found myself in need of a particular knife defense, the disarm visas are very effective on threats to stop arm, What do you consider the best technique to defend against an attack of real knife? that is, the aggressor uses the speed of movement back on the defensive not afford the time to act on the pressure levers .. i try doing sparring trying to prevdere his attack to create a stop-hit and then start with straight blust doted but I fear that this in real life could be a risk accept any advice you give me, excusmy for my language, but i'm italian boy 🙂

  2. TheShinobi32 says:

    @hlb101 Hey Emil that was good i wish you would do some good long clips on all the throws and take downs you know i would like to get your dvds but don't have the money and i wish i could train with you alot like those guys get to and how much do you charge them and how old are you now,one of my favorite styles witch combines karate,judo,jujitsu and aikido is the korean art of hapkido i would love to take it to.

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