Advanced Aikido Techniques Part 3



Yoshimitsu Yamada, a direct student of O Sensei for more than ten years, is an 8th dan and the chief instructor at the New York Aikikai. Currently, he is Chairman …

40 thoughts on “Advanced Aikido Techniques Part 3

  1. nhan cao says:

    that the point of aikido
    aikido is only for defense and harmonize with the opponents not to kill or break them even you can easily do that
    aikido is a budo and budo is about spiritual not only about killing or harming like other martial arts

  2. jin7210 says:

    i started aikido 2 days before.looks very interesting.they say that they can kill someone whenever they want but what is more important is to remain calm and cool

  3. Rafael Fleitas says:

    Thank you Sensei Yamada, I have practice with many aikido senseis y another martial arts teachers and I believe you really show the true nature of aikido, and inspire me a lot.

  4. Yu Jeff says:

    understand the concept you use the enemies motion against him (ill explain it simply) imagin someone is gonna punch at u straight u move to the side and grab his arms and simply take his joint and throw him since his whole arm is going forward

  5. bill stewart says:

    Thank You Master Yoshimitsu for your most inspiring moves. What I would like to see more is moves that defend against grasps. In most street fights there is either punches or grasps first then grappling. My concern is not being able to take down someone grabbing me from behind with a choke or from the front with both hands. I humbly Thank You Master Yoshimitsu.

  6. slim pickinsworld says:

    Everyone respect this man because he stresses the fact that a knife is dangrous and you can t always win the fight. He is very genuine in my opinion. To me this kind of self- defense is the best there is and anyone whom thinks otherwise is foolish. I would also like to add that a taped session with just the movements themselves might allow people to see the true art of this defense. 2 hands will always overpower 1 along with the fact that you use lifes natural forces and momentum to throw people

  7. JOhn WHiteClouD says:

    I have a question ….I've been studying aikido from the line of Saotome Sensei for a while and I'm tired of this drills of one finger, and these silly things instead of focusing more on the real aspects of self defense…is all Aikido like that or is just the school I am practicing? Thanks!

  8. qosqo says:

    take in mind that he is givin a distracting punch on ukes face first than back to the fist, and notice that there is always the possibility of changin the technique.

  9. donald raysor says:

    Yoshimitsu Yamada your very good on of the best in the world. my son darren velasquez was in your school for 5 years up to purple belt. i just received my 1 dan at ultimate karate usa at age 52. thank you for your video's i love donavan too he's great. i been to your school ny aikika taking my son and step daughter for 5 years. i will come to your school to work out soon. donald raysor

  10. DrazzanDuo says:

    I really enjoy Yoshimitsu-sensei videos. I've been practising Aikido in about a year, but I've had to make a break due to my hectic school assignments.

    どもうありがとうございます、 良光先生!

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