Adapted Aikido: Knife Defenses.

Some simple maneuvers in response to a knife thrust to the upper body or throat. Ideally, if someone threatens you with a knife and you can’t escape, get a weapon of your own – your belt, or…

11 thoughts on “Adapted Aikido: Knife Defenses.

  1. ksy says:


    from your other vids, your hand movement/angle is too fast to follow sometimes so it's nice when you expand on the more subtle points, appreciate it. i think you have very subtle feet movement, hope you can explain them as well in the future..

    also the 'small details' like a little tug to unbalance, or the cool 2:30 handwave thingy (but so effective if done right) haha.

    i will be watching more of your vids in d future, keep making 'em. cheers!

  2. ksy says:

    hey man, yes, some people have a hard time gaining weight (i'm 5ft 7inch, 57kg). but that's what i love about aikido and your videos, which i just recently seen. i like the rolling hand deflection thing you showed. imho, you have a wonderful grasp of techniques and how to explain them in "layman's" term.

  3. Jon Hay says:

    I wasn't big when I started working out with weights. I was about 145 lbs. when I began weight training. Some people have a harder time gaining weight and size, which may be the case with you. It is still possible, though, to increase your strength even if you are a hard gainer. Hard work, patience and consistency are basically all you need – apart from a good diet and plenty of rest.

  4. Abdul Rashid says:

    Well.When i asked previously how to get big , i actually wanted to know how to get big like you.You look quite strong ? It is really possible for a thin person like me to get to your size ?

  5. Jon Hay says:

    Thanks for the suggestion! I have looked at many Filipino knife-fighting clips here on YouTube. As far as I'm concerned, Filipino knife systems are the best going! You may very well one day see one of my clips and say to yourself, "Hey! That looks like one of the Filipino knife techniques I've seen!" 😉

  6. Simba Fierce says:

    Nice 🙂

    If you don't mind, I'd like to suggest looking at some videos on YouTube (or anywhere else) of knife usage in Fillipino Martial Arts (ex. Escrima, Kali, Sikaran Arnis, etc).

    Those guys can really use knives and it may possibly give you some new ideas.

    Thanks again for the video 😀

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