Active Shooter Defense | Save Your OWN Life

What to do in an active shooter situation. For a seminar in your city contact: This program needs community support …

27 thoughts on “Active Shooter Defense | Save Your OWN Life

  1. Lee Greger says:

    I agree 100%. I am 65 and a Veteran, I am also a CCW permit holder. I see how the world is getting and I am seeking out training in my area in Marshal Arts. A fire arm is one thing but hand to hand is something everyone needs to know.

  2. stitch 626 says:

    I have a dumb question if you have active shooters do you have passive shooters…

    I was taught that a bad guy with a gun was a gunman not a catch phrase active shooter. like fully semi automatic assault weapon..
    so is a automatic pump shotgun.

  3. Brandon Fearrington says:

    Ryan Hoover first off let me say got nothing but respect for you. With that said there is one portion of your training that I have to kinda question. The portion is when you instruct your students to push or "swim" through a crowd of fleeing people. In an actice shooter scenario the number 1 course of action should be to escape the situation with as many people as possible. If that were say a doorway or any other obstruction causing people to bottleneck. Well pushing through a crowd is obstructing the path to escape and. will get people killed. Let me say this again i got nothing but respect. but rule number 1 is DONT BE A HERO AND TRY TO FIGHT THE GUNMAN. BE A HERO BY LEADING PEOPLE AWAY FROM THE GUNFIRE.

  4. ExpertSwimmer says:

    I wonder what this channel thinks of Chinese martial arts? I've heard some people love it, and some say it's bull shit, and some say it's all up to the fighter. So please, Funker Tactical, can you please tell me if Eastern martial art is worth learning, or should I do more of Ryan Hoover's reality training??? I'm going to be an air Marshal soon. Please answer ASAP.

  5. Uniform Tango 74 says:

    ive been pushing this idea at my job for the past 2 or 3 years as well as emergency first aid training….naturally its not received well. The Shangri-la mentality is rampant. That being said those nay sayers better not be asking me for help when shtf….plus as long as the armed assailant hasn't come back from a hot part of the world or has prior military skills…whole different game.

  6. starshipfantastica says:

    The reason why another 9/11 style attack will not happen again is because most of the unarmed passengers will fight for their lives against the handful of armed terrorist. Pre 9/11 we were taught to comply with airplane hijackers and no one will get hurt. No one takes hostages and makes demands anymore. If at least half of the crowd, school, or theater puts up a fight as soon as the nuts pull out the gun, a lot of lives can be saved. I would love to see class like this for new teacher and team building exercises for large companies.

  7. Blažek says:

    There is only one way to win a game of cat and mouse. Don't be the mouse. My profession involves pursuing dangerous individuals and while that sounds like it would be dangerous, I feel much more safe than I would if I were unarmed, untrained and focused on something else.

  8. James Breczka says:

    Just an outsider looking in to intensify training, train in plain clothes. Consider in most professional or social events you have limits due to dress that folks have to also remember can become a serious obstacle, such as heels or slick bottom dress shoes. Not saying everyone will have to dress to the nines to train for such events but may be something to incorporate into training for real world locations. Think on a college campus, you may have a backpack and zero time to lose it before engaging the threat or a woman leaving the office as the threat enters and he is in high heel shoes or the handy man who has a tool belt on as he engages the threat. Just maybe something to incorporate into training to personalize it to a certain degree for the environments we may find ourselves in, if and or when we are called to be that first responder. Otherwise great video and it's about time people are taking a stand to not allow themselves to be helpless in chaos situations.

  9. James G says:

    Great stuff. Active shooter as well attackers not using weapons scenarios are fact of life now. I have CPL train daily but I continually add other strategies where a gun is not feasible or local law does not permit me to carry.

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