A Scary Thought: When The Knife Guy is Also Trained in Ground Fighting…

Knife defense largely surrounds the idea of defending against an aggressive but untrained attacker. What happens when that guy is highly trained in bladed arts …

40 thoughts on “A Scary Thought: When The Knife Guy is Also Trained in Ground Fighting…

  1. Dennis Davidson says:

    Not trying to start drama, but in that arm lock scenario, when you pull back for thrust number one after being put on your back, left leg goes to bicep to impede thrust. Anyone with real tac training knows there is no pure winner in that scenario. someone is getting cut. The point is to minimize damage.

  2. Justin Moore says:

    I don't want to sound like a pussy or anything but getting stabbed in the"Pelvic floor" or "Anus" and for Damned sure "the Prostate" the thought of that would make me give the bastard all my money maybe even my clothes have whatever the fuck you want just don't stab me in the ass or my man part

  3. Route 250 Jujitsu says:

    The principles behind this seem very sound, are you really thinking get to my knife when someone is breaking your arm? The armbar I saw in here is not done by a GOOD Jiu Jitsu guy, no angle, no leverage. Frame until you can draw your knife. If your arm is actually being broken I guarantee your response is to protect the arm not draw your knife. The arm breaks quickly this assumes the grappler is going to hold it instead of break it.

  4. Dimitri Aerts says:

    Armbarring wouldn't really prevent the agressor from getting his knife. People have two hands. It seems sticking to old school BJJ priniciples would be better: scan the hands/biceps at all times, create hip angle and upkick to the face. No faffing about with armbars on the street.

  5. Alessandro Butomi says:

    A jiujitsu Fighter stay with is back on the ground only when some one put him there,is not a jiujitsu match where you do fancy moves.
    In a street fight slam the aggressor to the ground and take a superior position to control him,and neutralize him.

  6. Todd 808 says:

    Keep up the great work GN! Always great content. I just wish there would be more from Doug Marcaida and Fred Mastro on a recurring basis *hint hint*.

  7. Jerry Kinnin says:

    Very basic. But when i was in scouts. We use to practice knife fighting.
    One person had a stick.
    The other person had to take the stick without touching or being touched by the stick. (The stick being the knife)

  8. Tyler Goodrich says:

    It's almost like having a knife gives you an edge in a fight no matter what. I wonder if having any weapon on you gives you an edge. It's like your video has finally helped me understand why tools for fighting were made.
    Obviously, I am being facetious. The reality is you can use what ever fighting style you want, you are going to be stabbed in a knife fight.

  9. Saud Ahmed says:

    I hate wrong medical information. In human anatomy, you have 1 superior vena cava which is in the right side.
    Do you know what is scarier?
    A surgeon with a knife trained in martial arts.

  10. Carlo Rusconi says:

    I like all the aperture videos I have bought (pretty everything) in the past. I also would like to see a new one maden by Ryan Hoover with some fundamentals. I think this new video will be a little too specific. No need to learn something that probably will never happen in my life. And if it happens I will try to use what I know the best I can. Examples of what I learned and used: punch covering, getup from the ground, rnc, headlock escape, etc… Do not abandon your main road please. Teach fundamentals and teach them well as you can do.

  11. Barry Weaver says:

    Great stuff! Everyone has a F**k'n knife! That's what I've learned.
    So you're an MMA fighter? Good but do you also train for knives is my question for anyone who studies the art of being prepared. Thanks.

  12. Gimme Apen says:

    This is some imaginary worst case scenario, albeit rare, it can still happen.

    Here's a good one back in my province:

    Public road, broad daylight, and police was active in the city since election was near(Gun Ban every upcoming election for civvies). Somehow someone got fuckin macheted in the forearm in broad daylight. folks threw shit at him and one guy pinned him down, unfortunately, the old dude(attacker) have a cheap flip knife on his pocket and stab the ever living shit outta him.

    He survived, knife missed his organ but got a few stiches, dude who got macheted got his arm stichted up.
    Turned out the Old man(attacker) was pissed for being mocked by a PUV random driver so he straight up thought he'd kill the guy.

    keypoint here is

    The Place the victim got attacked wasn't even shady, it was an open area bustling with everyday folks, safe place as police checkpoint was scattered bout, few Army boys stationed to where political party are currently residing at.

    Guy who pinned the attacker down was doing great, not pro BJJ worthy or by any means but he got him locked, but the old man still had a cheap flip knife in his pocket.

    Personal Carries are banned during election year, so every civvies comply or they'll get suspected as someone who possibly have a "political agenda".

    so yeah this shit can happen.

  13. kodaspaws says:

    You guys carry more blades than a Gillette Mach 5 – Your problem is easily solved if you don't try for the arm bar – it's over sold as solution anyhow. Better to pin the arm to create resistance while you heel kick the shit out of his face.

  14. Dead Disney says:

    If the thought of someone attacking you being trained and armed scares you, you need to train smarter. I am by no means an expert (yet) on self defense, but I train with a dedicated core of martial artists who question everything and don't leave anything to chance during drills and sparring. We have a few guidelines we follow during training:

    Always know where both of your opponent's hands are at all times.

    Assume every one you encounter is trained and armed.

    Stay off the ground when possible and if you're on your back, most times you want to sweep or escape to your feet. No subs off the back and no lollygagging in guard.

    There are variables that will cause us to deviate from those guidelines, but those guidelines are always first on our ground hierarchy.

  15. Andrew Brady says:

    I always see people say why would you stab someone in the crotch area thats just wrong. I had a friend that was an army medic and he taught me that the inguinal artery is there. It becomes your femoral arterys in your legs and is the worst place to be stabbed because unlike the femoral which if someone knows what their doing you can get it stopped but need to go a hospital right away. Being stabbed in the inguinal is next to impossible to stop with standard medical supplies. Pretty much he said the ambulance needs to already be there because the person isnt surviving an inguinal bleed.

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