A REALLY SCARY Technique: Blood Choke with a Knife!!

Blood chokes can leave you unconscious in as little as five seconds. Now imagine a knife plunging down your spinal column at the same time. In this extremely …

45 thoughts on “A REALLY SCARY Technique: Blood Choke with a Knife!!

  1. Clarence Baluca says:

    Good technique, but with a knife that short you shouldn't be stabbing your opponent – you won't stop him because you won't reach any internal organs with such a short knife. Instead, focus on cutting tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels. Cheers to all FMA practitioners in the comments section!

  2. jouster70 says:

    THE VERY FIRST THING I SAID WAS SWITCH HANDS &, before he even realized it, his right lung would be filling up with blood. Which would allow me any number of entry points as he scrambled to regroup

  3. Max Ellison says:

    He still had the ability to transfer the knife from his strong hand (that was trapped) to his weak hand. He could have wreaked havoc on you with all the movement he ha d available.

  4. isaac wilson says:

    I think no matter what the one with a knife will cut you either it be your neck hand chest arm leg and a lot of the times they make it visible that they have a knife some of the smarter ones won't pull it out till its inside of you already

  5. Julius Pagowski says:

    First off, just so people know I'm not some troll, I enjoy a lot of videos that Funker Tactical posts, but this is not one of those videos.There's a few problems with this technique that I can think of off the top of my head, even if the victim does have a knife to "amplify" a blood choke/arm triangle.

    My main issue is that the attacker's knifing arm is straight up in the air during the choke, which still allows for SOME attackers to move their arm/elbow around enough to still stab the victim, or at least cut around the area of the victim's head or face no matter how tightly the victim closes that gap with their arms and head. This technique requires you to know your attacker a little bit too well for my taste, cuz I just wanna get outta there asap.

    Issue #2; what's stopping the attacker from switching with which hand holds the weapon? The attacker can easily just switch hands that holds their weapon, even during the choke. The worst part is that the victim wouldn't even be able to see, or feel, for the attacker switching hands. Therefore you're not really keeping an eye on what the attacker is doing, resulting in the victim most likely getting stabbed.

    Issue #3; standing arm triangles are really difficult to pull off. And when weapons are added to the equation, you're asking to get stabbed. One of the best standing arm triangles I've ever seen is done by Jessica Eye on UFC, and even then it took her awhile to pull it off. Here's a link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U537uIY6i8c

    Conclusion: Always be in the mentality that you're gonna at least get cut at some point… AND IT SUCKS. That should be enough to focus on controlling the attacker's weaponized arm first instead of prioritizing how to knock out your attacker with an arm triangle, or any choke for that matter. Here's a video (by Funker Tactical) that's more likely going to save your life (especially around 4:23); https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BoLwcjQNwZI&list=PLOEg9hZwryJZnHMuuT0pAW5C5k-tRC-sW&index=83&t=633s

    Another little tip that almost never gets mentioned during these types of videos is; be the first to call for help (if possible). Some victims have been accused for a crime they didn't start because the attacker pretended to be the victim and called for help before the real victim did. This might sound stupid but has happened. Common sense would be to call for help first anyway and then deal with the situation accordingly.

  6. thesatanboy says:

    This technique might be not be the most applicable in a confrontation with a knife wielding opponent. But in any case i must say that i really enjoy watching Jared teach and explain his methodology. He seems to be a sincere, intelligent and humble person. It´s nice to see this in the self-defense world, where almost every instructor seems genetically indistinguishable to neanderthals.

  7. ZodiacProd says:

    yes really scary indeed seeing as you didn't do a disarm first!.. anyone with half a brain cell will pass the knife to their free hand and start puncturing your kidneys. you also need a lot of strength with this technique. good luck

  8. ElijahJohn888 says:

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  9. Mike Melina says:

    He was doing great until he started talking about footstomps, takedowns and controls. From the side control, you've taken the center and don't need to stomp or sweep. Drop the elbow at their back and turn>>you're the center and there goes their balance all the way to the ground. the deeper you get with the side choke and the more pressure, the quicker it's over. Once you're "in there", if you're under the arm with the weapon, it's controlled already, just don't give them room until they're out cold…and like Richard Grayson said, there's no dueling with knives.

  10. Andre Tripoli says:

    With all my respect to the master, but if you are disarmed, the agressor has the opportunity to switch hands and it increases a lot the chance to be hurt and killed. Even if he is late to realize it. You should consider his height also. If the difference between both is great, it would be very difficult to choke him. If there's a chance to be hurt, then the technique it's not completely appropriate. A better choice would be the same initial movement, trap his arm with your right hand and break his arm with your left hand/arm in order to release the knife of his hand. Just an opinion of a self defense student.

  11. MAYH3M0NE says:

    With or without the knife, trying to finish someone with a standing arm triangle is usually a bad idea. Make a video showing this technique live with a trainer knife on the BJJ black belt from the other Funker Tactical videos. Start from the feet and go live.

  12. Curt D says:

    I really enjoy studying training with knives and understand that with consistent practice and preparation you increase your chances of survival. That being said what bothers me the most with videos such as these tend to show a half speed attack or slow speed attack followed by a a fast counter attack/defense which is unrealistic BS. It should be shown more often what is practiced in theory first then followed by what happens in reality. Meaning the person being the attacker should go full speed as in the intent to harm and then see how countering could be handled. Notice most videos do not show attacker actually "attacking" just standing there going through motions

  13. MrKahunadog says:

    I like a lot of Jared Whihongis' material… this isn't one of them or his acceptance to knowingly risk the chance that this guy could easily switch hands. This makes it unacceptable to me. I believe he's taught this hundreds to thousands as he said, this justification to me is unsatisfactory. (BUT) I train to beat black belts not a thousand white belts. There is good material in this video. But I do not like this. Nor do I like Knights knife defense on the ground. In both instances you're giving up space and the margin of error is already small.

  14. nikolausphillips says:

    I enjoy the videos but I don't understand. If you're close enough and coordinated enough to make forearm to forearm contact and parry, why wouldn't you just perform a hand, forearm, or bicep slice in order to destroy muscle, tendons, or arteries while still maintaining your distance? Just curious. Keep up the good work!

  15. MrKahunadog says:

    I'd like to see someone stab through the spinal column of a pig or other animal from there. Why would I wrap his head for the arm triangle? Vs simply inserting through the clavicle – trapezius on the near side. At which point if he switched I'd have control of the shoulder and be able to turn him away.

  16. paksau1 says:

    First, l love learning different techniques….now second, train hard… learn how to fight…practice at realistic speeds (sparring)…do whatever you can to save yourself…save for retirement…have a 401k plan…all of this is good…and like Lee said…buy a GUN, get an instructor and go to the range…and if you live in a no CCW state god bless your heart and safety. Oh and try not to hang where people might wanna stab you with knives…

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