A real knife attack is likely to look like this 2

The only people who have no idea what this guy is talking about or disagree with what this guy is talking about are those who have never been in a real knife …

27 thoughts on “A real knife attack is likely to look like this 2

  1. Bruce B says:

    Our neighbors friend was stabbed 40 times on DC metro. The victim resisted in giving the perp his phone. The knife came out so fast…. people watching the murder, helpless, then the perp asked others for money before the door opened and he got away. They finally caught him. Short story. Try to protect yourself the best you can and get the knife at all costs, run if you can. Otherwise you will die. Stay out of areas where perps frequent.

  2. Adolfo H Cristo says:

    Hes so right.. Great demonstration.
    Ive been stabbed and knife attacked at 2 separate ocasions.. It is something else having a knife pulled on you and you know it will melt trought your guts like butter.. Scary shit if you are not totally out of it on drugs or just plain stupid..
    Hit and run.

  3. Dankanaught says:

    He's right. I've been in a knife fight before, and it's the most terrifying thing you could ever encounter. my instructor at my dojo trained me in balisong combat, but that training didn't pay off. I lost a finger and I was bleeding out from my left arm. I had to run to survive that attack.

  4. keir DOWEN says:

    cette vidéo a le mérite de nous démontrer combien il est difficile de se défendre contre une ''arme blanche" (couteau hache lame de rasoir) surtout si l'agresseur sait s en servir
    Et finalement beaucoup de techniques de ''self defense'' sont peu réalistes et efficaces dans ce genre de situation.

  5. infamati obliterati says:

    the best decision in a knife fight if you can is run the fuck away !! if you cant get ready to be stuck and cut dont matter if you know martial arts and have a black belt you better use that belt to hold you're gutts in and blood seen it happen

  6. KPikklefield says:

    You are absolutely right. It's the energy and rage directed at you that can be stultifying! An average person can be taught enough physical moves to survive most things in a year or less. Training a person's brain to not be overwhelmed by the psychology of the attack usually takes years of training someone's brain and few schools really focus on that. Why? Because it's damn difficult and if the instructor isn't mentally capable, he/she cannot teach another to be mentally prepared. You cannot teach what you don't know. You can have someone parrot your moves and become pretty efficient, but you can't teach someone to parrot mental preparedness.

  7. WALEX says:

    this is some good shit, every single time there's a knife defense video there's always this really retarded guy who's either a pussy who never really used a knife but had some basic lessons that thought him the stances, or a close minded muscle head who only cares about perfect technic and not about real combat, this guy however is amazing, he really shows how fucked up it is in a real life situation

  8. getdavemoore says:

    finally, some truth! God on you mate, this is the reality, not ballet-type martial art combinations. (this video should be compulsory viewing after every damn martial art defense video!)

  9. jitsu222 says:

    I very much agree with your philosophy on knife attacks. 99% of the time the attacker isn't going to be a trained "knife fighter", they are going to attack with aggression and unpredictability which even for a martial artist who trains to defend against knives is going to have trouble with. You are going to get cut it's more about mitigating the severity of the cuts. Be safe, be smart and avoid confrontation but always be prepared to to fight.

  10. Boomer Taylor says:

    The best military knife fighting trainers I saw did what he does, start with the knife low and at the hip, where intended target is unknown. Not this "Indian knife dueling" crap. And my mother was an e.r. nurse for years. Always said she'd rather see a gunshot wound than knife wounds any day. Way more damage.

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