A Ninjas Sword of Choice | Ninjato Sword Explained



This being a ninja channel, I had to go over this awesome sword! Enjoy the video and let me know what other videos you would like to see in the future, i really …

12 thoughts on “A Ninjas Sword of Choice | Ninjato Sword Explained

  1. tong-il says:

    Hey man that's badass, i anyways wanted to learn ninjutsu, even if i have to invent it lol. I just started swordsmanship tho, so that's a start. Would you mind reviewing my cutting form?

  2. R H says:

    Many Samuri where Shinobi or shadow warriors. Ninjitsu was a rage of espionage tactics that more consisted with psychological warfare. There was a fighting system for hand to hand combat but you would need a decent amount of medical knowledge to apply it due to the fact it was designed to hitting anatomical weak points. A real ninjitsu school in the present day is hard to find and if you didnyou most likely would not know the identity of your instructor or training partners. A lot of whats taught are things like go out get yourself into a fight and talk your way out muchnof it is psychological. Shinobi where used because samurai had to face there openent face to face due to honor. And if you wanted somone in a clan taken out and didn't want a all out war then you need a tactic that would prevent that hence ninjitsu. Much of modern day ninjitsu is misinformation and there are no linages of ninjitsu found as of yet

  3. Michał Zakrzewski says:

    According to what I learned when i trained ninjutsu, ninjas used… Normal katanas or wakizashi, because the point of espionage is not to stick out. The sword might have been shorter than the scabbard but it wasn't to dip it in poison but to shorten the draw time. Like a wakizashi in a katana scabbard. So you don't stick out + you have the advantage of quicker draw if you ever need it. That also came in handy because most of the sword techniques we learned revolved around slashing the eneny with the tip of the sword, standing as far away as your sword let's you, as opposed to like a full body slash. Though there isn't really much evidence of that being actually the case back when ninjas were a thing or of it was implemented later in schools.

  4. Malpighi 23 says:

    What sword style do you practice? You said you do tang soo do and I know they have sword in that style but my dojang doesn't do the tang soo do sword style but they however do haeng do kumdo which is basically like the tang soo do style but I'm not sure. I recently got my first dan in haeng do kumdo and would like to learn some tricks with the swords.

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