1. exflow2000 says:

    Would you say that the valve grinding compound is a finer grit then green or white compound? By the way I really love your videos I've been subscribe to your channel for quite a while, you do good work thanks for your help along the way.

  2. david sandlin says:

    I wonder if you can load this compound in cardboard. I strop my knives on cardboard sometimes after I sharpen them on my lansky. Works great at finishing the edge.

  3. Ryan W says:

    Good video, Billy. I learned to hone my carving tools with a similar method. My carving teacher uses silicon carbide which is the abrasive in valve grinding compound. We use 400 and 600 grit, which may seem quite abrasive, but silicon carbide does break down in use to a finer grit and when it works into the leather you get a finer cut than if it were loose on a substance it could not sink into like glass.

    If you ever want finer grit any shop that sells rock polishing / lapidary supplies will sell silicon carbide or heck email me if you want and I'll send you some 400, 600, 1000. I have a lb each and that is enough for 6 lifetimes.

  4. Andy Lundberg says:

    Hey, this is a great idea! I am going to have to try this out! Seems like it will last longer than with the jewelers compound that I have been using. Where is the best place to pick this stuff up? *Found it on Amazon, can't wait to try it out!

  5. Carolina Chris Outdoors says:

    That's a great tip Bill. Man, I know people are going to think this is a stupid question, but what is that compound supposed to be used for? Is is to repair worn or scratched valves in engines, or is it a plumbing thing? Really…. I dont know. They need to sell it at the knife shop, huh???

  6. KennethKramm says:

    Fantastic approach bill.. Thanks for sharing methods from the past that work well today. I will buy valve grinding compound tomorrow and test the technique. Fantastically simple method. I like your idea of building knife sharpening into the leather sheath. Take care my friend. I always enjoy your videos. …ken

  7. tomckayaker says:

    Just watch the video, and went out to buy the valve compound, it worked great. The people from Bushcraft 2016, points you in the right direction. Thanks, Tom C

  8. shovelhead8 says:

    I remember the old days of valve grinding compound in a tin can. Coarse on one end of the can and fine on the other. I think I still have a little bit left. Thank you for the video

  9. Bob808Knight says:

    what an interesting technique. I will try this. First have to get some linseed oil. I already have the valve grinding compound and a leather somewhere… on a different subject I have a riddle for you. I have two but now I only have one. 🙂

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