A Must Have Self Defense Technique



This self defense technique is an absolute must have if you want to keep from getting hit in a street fight. Most people focus too much on offense – kicking, …

18 thoughts on “A Must Have Self Defense Technique

  1. Norman Lee says:

    I love this. I also agree that the key to successful defense – and offense for that matter is good and proper footwork. Sure you can train to take hits in MMA and boxing, but in street situations, we should train not to get hit at all, and footwork is the way to do that.

  2. henry R. says:

    With all due respect where im from a 1 on 1 fight is as rare as hitting the multimillion lottery, its always 1 vs 5, 10+ if you cant fight dirty you'll be carried out by emt's guaranteed.

  3. ibrahim muhammed akoob says:

    Great video, this is basic footwork yet very important in any fight. The idea of hopping is a very bad idea especially if fighting someone with good kicking and sweeping ability, and you probably don't know the skill set of your apponent in a street fight. That is why this technique works.

  4. Kevion Rogers says:

    Footwork is so fundamental that some of my instructors that was the first thing we worked, because it is the noble gentle art of self-defense and it is the displacements of the body with the footwork that is the foundation of defense whether with the mitten, boot, baton, jacket, cane, cudgel, staff, sword, or saber. It was from saber fencing that helped me to figure out how to use karate blocks and Arnis that gave me the reaction timing. Boxing tied all of the theories into a relatively safe practice, which allows one to experiment with them. Though from my experience with striking arts is that it allows some with higher pain tolerances to not appreciate the footwork, which is why I still think that st least a season of Fencing and Greco-roman wrestling are idea to condition the fundamental theories of self-defense into a person. Wing Chun Kuen, Boxing are the meta-skill set between Fencing & Greco-Roman Wrestling, so if you understand the limits then you can appreciate and define the intermediate skill sets better.

  5. Benjamin Pujols says:

    Yeah I agree shuffling moving around is very hard takes a lot of cardio a lot of muscle strength little tiny muscle fibers that we normally don't use so you definitely have to train just for footwork alone let alone anything else to add to it

  6. J.E M says:

    Really Good video, so glad you mentioned footwork with the jab, very important step. It’s those subtle footwork adjustments that common folk just do see or get.

    I often tell my guys “ be just out of range, but in range”. I’m just referring to the footwork you just used. Slight back half steps and shuffle steps are huge in the right hands.

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