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Over the past few years our fans have helped Tactical Rifleman build a community of like minded people. We want to thank our fans for their support, keep making better content and give something…

33 thoughts on “A Message From Karl | Tactical Rifleman

  1. charles loesch says:

    Karl, thanks for the great training vids. It is one thing to be proficient at a trade, such as your S.F. background, but it is another to be able to instruct in a manner that is remarkable, to the point and done in a positive and reinforcing manner. Thank you also for your service to Country. I am burying my brother at Ft. Snelling, with military honors, May 7th. God bless.

  2. Dobiyo Gaming says:

    I appreciate everything you guys do! Very educational! I'd like to see a video reviewing Comms Etiquette. I brushed up on it recently and i think it would be a cool addition to the channel in regards to teamwork and communication!


  3. ThreeTwo Victor says:

    While I am uncomfortable with the frequency in which you use the word "sexy," I would be glad to throw you guys some money for this amazing content.

    Please, don't let YouTube stop you from making great content. There are other platforms available that you can post to. Looking forward to the next video.

  4. John Smith says:

    Karl, correct me if I am wrong…YouTube baited in a huge amount of "creators" and built up this platform. For a while the "creators" got a share of the money pie, there was a time a "creator" was able to live off YouTube. Then YouTube realized how much money THEY could make, the business/politics bs started, "creators" got demonetized. Why not leaving YouTube? I mean that for both sides for you as a creator and for me as a supporter. YouTube works on "clicks" the users click on video has to watch advertisement and YouTube is making money. Please consider Full30.com.

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