A Knife Drill Anyone Can Learn! | Using The CDHK Knife

Dennis is an elementary school teacher by day, but has dedicated his life to the study of Sina Tirsia Wali of the Filipino Martial Arts. Using the CDHK & Trainer …

30 thoughts on “A Knife Drill Anyone Can Learn! | Using The CDHK Knife

  1. lcafilms says:

    I love Kali and Escrima type shit, bad ass. however a friend and I spent 3 plus hours going over a frontal thrust knife attack the only thing that worked was a front low side kick to the same knee that the hand is in from the attacker, then do your finished off move. By the way we used Magic Markers and after 3 plus hours we had black marks and red marks all over our bodies from trying most of the Tradition Knife defenses that are being taught in traditional martial arts all over the world.

    It takes Years of training to actually defend yourself against any knife attacker. 1 huge reason Fear of being cut…

  2. Burak Yilmaz says:

    I bought it! Why because most folding karambits suck! The fox is not ergonomic enough. You have to much room in your palm, thats why i like the full and voluemed grip on this one! No tri ad lock sadly but it is ok! 154 cm is fine! Price ok! The emersons are way to expensive for what you get clearly. Even if i earn alot of money i wont get it. Now lets face the dart same as the fox it is lacking in safe grip, the coating sucks balls! The only other karambit that i could consider is the karahawk.. sadly the cs is too big the blade neeeds more curve and the handle is way too straight 🙁

  3. RealJutsu56 says:

    Hahahaha! Here we go again. An old art whose existence is fact due only to it's continued practical application in street environments. REAL street, not pussy street USA style. Real street in the Philippines,where people get torn apart in knife fights daily,and have done so for centuries. And as usual, some keyboard commando with no clue has to say "this shit won't work in real life". Where do you think this comes from if not real life? This stuff was around 1000 years ago.

  4. jay unitedwestand says:

    see, i don't understand the knife fighting!! go ahead and fight with a knife,you won't like the outcome because you'll be in handcuffs….even in a fight someone attack you and you cut them up you will be arrested!!

  5. FelixLegions Alexander says:

    I can't stand the knife stuff in fma. I like the panantukan, stick work and dumog though.
    But this is just ridiculous. I understand this is for feeling and such but you are better of training reaction time and go to control. Just use your knife like Ryan Hover, reverse grip and just fight like you would normally do but with a knife in hand, that way you can block punches and such as well.

  6. Slumppa303 says:

    I'm pretty sure they brainstormed a way to get a "wave feature" without having to get Emerson's permission on his wave patented design. Honestly, who cares!!! I'm a consumer and the best price and quality is what I look for. Emerson can care less for his fanboy's. That's probably why he disregards fit & finish and uses mediocre materials to make average joe design's. I owned an Emerson Vindicator, and it was a good knife. But then I bought a Mil-Tac MTF-3 (produced by Fox) for like $50 less, and it blew the Vindicator away in quality, design and durability for a tactical knife. Emerson will hopefully re-think selling those AVERAGE JOE designed karambit's for $260 bucks when he see's 599-XT's and CDHK's flying off the shelf while his karambit's that are OVER-PRICED for what you get collect DUST!! That's B.S Go CDHK! Capitalism Is Awesome!!!

    Also guys, Check out that new lockback 599-XT Karambit also guys. Lad heard the complaints about the liner issues and got Fox to fix it by making a LockBack now. And even adding a secure locking feature and a carbide glass breaker. FOR ONLY $150. GET SOME EMERSON!!!!!!!!!!

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