A knife can be deadlier than a gun at close range – dont underestimate the knife

28 thoughts on “A knife can be deadlier than a gun at close range – dont underestimate the knife

  1. Jason says:

    Does anyone have the full video? I lost my old link. It shows how concealed weapons can be in hair, hooks in a hat, weights in a hat, etc. It also covers the 21 foot rule and how people can still close the distance quickly.

  2. spoonman73 says:

    Considering that a lot of people can barely manage to hit a paper target at 21 ft with their pistol it doesn't shock me that it would be difficult to score a lethal shot to a charging attacker. Read the book "Rogue Warrior" about the formation of Seal Team 6 and how his guys could hardly hit a moving target when they first formed.

  3. Joe Vazquez says:

    21 feet is not a realistic distance, more like within 5-10 so if someone gonna ambush you with a knife, as a ccw or cop your best bet would be to hip carry and draw point shooting from the hip as fast as you can , might sustain a cut of stab anyway but it's about all you can do if you can't just run away

  4. David Lanham says:

    And these videos are in open, well-lit areas, no rain, only one assailant not moving around, his hands visible, zero distractions, no gun, and the officer is totally prepared.

  5. David Lanham says:

    It's so obvious that thugs are deadly, even from 30 feet. They could put 10 rounds in you in 5 seconds. The average person is so stupid, they think a cop can control 2 or 3 or MORE people at night with their hands not visible, in close quarters and moving around agitatedly.

  6. Tony Gonzalez Rios says:

    Saw this video while in the Police Academy years ago and it is quite accurate. Dan Inosanto is extremely knowledgeable, has been used as an expert witness. I believe his testimony and demonstration during an officer's trial resulted in an acquittal. Someone with very basic knife skills can pose a very serious threat to L.E.O.'s.   

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