a few throwing clips with the tom brown tracker knife



Tom brown tracker knife by Tops: Let me know if you would like to see a longer video montage of knife throwing!

19 thoughts on “a few throwing clips with the tom brown tracker knife

  1. Tiger Pisces says:

    I got Tom Brown Clone. Its exactly same blade but is stainless steel with great rocky mountain micarta handle. You don’t have to pay $230 for the Tops version.

    Love to see more. Show us “The Hunted” Filipino Slashing Combat techniques? It’s a slasher too!

  2. DemolitionMan says:

    Sweet! I like your throwing style!! You got skills man! CombatThrowing is the way to go,not some bullshit measured up standstill stance,this is the most practical way to learn knife throwing,and the most fun!!:)

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