A Demonstration of Perfect Samurai Swordsmanship

The daughter of grand master Tanaka demonstrates her sword-handling skills using stalks of bamboo – which are said to have the same density as human bone.

40 thoughts on “A Demonstration of Perfect Samurai Swordsmanship

  1. Phillipe Steele says:

    Samurai where just a bunch of thugs. 10% of the population running on a Chinese Confucius system. They lorded over the rice farmers which was the currency of the day to pay themselves and his gang of hoodlums. To the point you as a rice farmer could not eat any of your rice and starved? Thats why in 1630 ish. The farmers had an uprising after the samurai tax man came and because there was a drought got pissed off and raped the farmers daughter. Samurai your not shit. Oh the pops and his fellow farmers killed the samurai governer. Good. But of course the shogun eventually killed all 40k peasant farmers , family as well. Lets put it at 100k of human life. I ask you whats so honourable about that. You dumb ass western japanophiles about samurai???

  2. Mr Emann says:

    That's very curtious of them to not cause any pain to the person they are decapitating. That will probably help them focus on getting their head put back on without all the distracting pain that normally comes with getting your head cut off.

  3. Alan Thomas says:

    All Rome's enemies used long swords! 2 hands required! 4 feet long! Roman gladius only 24" inches long enough to kill as the extent on their empire showed. the empire was defeated by the horse! soldiers, mobile and flexible! and would never have been beaten by the Samurai sword!

  4. Carol Kiefer says:



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  5. Sufiya H. says:

    They used to test their swords on HUMAN BEINGS. A convicted criminal sentenced to death asked a samurai standing nearby "Are you going to use that blade on me?" The samurai said yes and said he was going for a diagonal cut. The criminal responded "I wish I had known that sooner; I would have swallowed a few large stones so your blade would be ruined"

  6. Mayckon Wolf says:

    So how about Musashi since he uses bokken to beat his opponents? you can't cut with a bokken you know,he so what is the point for him practice cut if he uses bokken and he was simple one of the best.

  7. Michael Cristian says:

    Very nice swordsmanship! I can admire that! I love the Samurai! Beautiful warriors! But let's not forget that Spanish bladed can be extremely sharp also! Not to mention that in 1582 40 Spaniards defeated 1,000 Japanese and Chinese pirates with Japanese Samurai amongst them! It was a Spanish victory! At the end only 15 remaining Spanish soldiers survived!

  8. jeremy long says:

    It cracks me up MOST of these comments are people claiming to be trained swordsman, like come on really? Maybe a few of you took a few classes but it's safe to say most of you are just lying to the internet

  9. Don Turnblade says:

    A thoughtful reference target. Japan's respect for its two words for truth leads to interesting obsessions. What do you think, is this more about the truth of how things appear to be, or about the truth of how things actually are?

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