A Combat Run for Knife-Throwers w/ Expendables Kunai

An attempt at a series of knife throwing obstacles. I am using a set of replica Kunai throwers used by Jason Statham in the Expendables. The song is Albanach’s …

35 thoughts on “A Combat Run for Knife-Throwers w/ Expendables Kunai

  1. Yoohoo Nobody says:

    Why are people basing this guy's skill? (because they can't do this perhaps?).
    This guy has phenomenal accuracy when standing still!. look at 2:202:35!
    seriously, do better.
    And post a vid of it so we can see.
    If not, KEEP OFF HIS BACK!

  2. Lf0812 fouks says:

    just an opinion to the person in the video, an opinion of just from someone that now l loves the hobby w/o any prior experience with throwing of knives. Im sure it wasn't looked at with as a popular pass time back then, and more like that person lookin a little strange throwing knives at wood, hes looking suspect. the idea to look into this as a hobby a random impulse, but results came fast, so loved it obviously. So regarding the kunai. became curious on throwing and how difficult it may be, teqniques and so on. Yes, you said it after the movie came out. aster I watched a few informative type videos, showing and explaing various teqniques, One of the videos was yours with what seemed like the very set I had bought, but I don't know for sure. video was OK, but your skill level is why I watched it to in entirety. u made it look seemingly effortless, yet I knew it takes years to be that fluid, in any sport that was without question. long time for that kind of consistency and be smooth with with every component coming together/timing synched just right. was impressive. I sad i'm buying them, like right now.
    I ended up buying a set I believe it was exactly from that very company you mentioned in this video. obviously this experience just one persons, but I'm certain others had similiar results with them, . I don't know what good knife/ bad knife for this activity was to be. but they instantly felt comfortable in my hands, balance felt good like., I went for the bigger version of the knives 9 and change I believe it was. I knew that i would have a better chance to impart desired the rotation. while watching these how to videos my idea was it was going to be similar to delivering the rotation for a spiral toss in "foosball". and similarly with a spiral I use my pinky and ring finger as i release to get that rotation working and keep it straight head height to head height of the stumps of wood. No ark, I played it like a football back swing/follow through/smooth release. arm almost over the head from back to front. Was awesome and natural but was not coming off right at the release point for a while with that circle design at the base. bit after working around that, I began sticking solid one after another till everything synced up. I felt I was ready to just backing up to see how would be with adjusting. as a whole I feel were a great buy, extremely easy to learn with. I literally was sticking flush level throws after a few hours out of the box, aftet making those distance adjustments that u mentioned when they stuck it was level and the hit was solid. i chose to grip by the handle, grabbing that sharp ass blade didn't seem like the best spot when there a handle wrapped with cord. I right away went to around 20 ft away because honestly didnt want to catch a ricocheting blade to the neck. and yes the blades are SOOO sharp, I thought it was great, I didnt even know that was not a good thing until seeing this video. makes total sense. but I realize all experiences differ, but shit, after the initial clanging of those things hitting the ground, Success, it was the well timed release and awesome sound of that wood makes when you stick a clean throw. similar to a clean "nothing but net sound" is satisfying if u love basketball. I dont know, my story. I was looking something to occupy my down time and I found it. your video and a few others had alot to do with my success ,so thank you for that. to me what u and others said was very clear, easy to follow, rotation and straight. and with those Ku na I I was sold, that entire experience, Win column for sure. p.s its early the morning, please excuse if any typos or run ons. I just wanted to let u know u assisted in someone finding a little honest activity that to someone looking from the side looks weird as hell and possibly a bit nutty. but its so much fun and they just haven't tried. my girlfriend was a critical of it until it became all the sudden she was out there more than I was.

  3. GatStreak says:

    he douse not know the traditional way of the kunai that's why he did not hit accurate he should have a roap or chain and cloth in the handle hole and learn the original ninjitsue way to thro before shit talking it in his other video

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